One of the issues with aging is the skin laxity. As time goes on, it gets worse and a person appears to be tired all the time. To correct sagginess and laxity, there are many treatments both of invasive and noninvasive nature. They take a different route to correct the issues and both provide with good results.

The noninvasive treatments work on improving the level of collagen in the skin in order to return the skin its firmness. Collagen is a critical structural protein that is lost over time due to pollution in the environment and the exposure to the sun. Once the levels of collagen are boosted, the appearance of the skin is greatly improved as well.

Why choose noninvasive treatments?

Surgical facelifts have been around for a very long time and certainly the results they offer are the best. However, there is a catch with these surgical procedures as there is always a risk of scarring as well as infections. There is also a lengthy downtime after these treatments. Noninvasive procedures mostly do not have downtimes and even if they do, it is no more than a few days.

Since there are no cuts and sutures, the risk of infections and scarring too are very little. Considering the overall scenario, noninvasive options certainly look a lot more attractive.

Is Ultherapy the solution?

Ultherapy in Dubai is one of the preferred methods to get rid of loose skin. It is noninvasive and has a very good record when it comes to correcting the sagginess in the skin. As the results have shown, it can get the job done many people are preferring Ultherapy over other procedures as it is simple and highly effective.

How does it work?

A handheld device provides with the sound energy that bypasses the top layers of the skin and works at a deeper level. Inside the skin, the sound energy is converted into heat energy. It provides the right set of conditions to the skin in order to ensure that the production of collagen is boosted and its levels are raised in the skin. The process continues for days, well after the treatment has been concluded. Some of the results can be seen instantly while the final results may take up to weeks to show. There are no serums or medications used and the treatment solely works with sound waves.

Side effects and downtime

Side effects are mostly limited to some redness and swelling and tenderness to touch on the treated area. In rare cases, temporary bruising can take place. Photo sensitivity is developed after the treatment so be sure to avoid the sun after the treatment and apply lots of sunscreen when you go out in the sun. A large floppy hat also helps a lot.

There is no downtime after the treatment which makes it a fantastic option. While resting is a good idea, it is not a must. If you are getting it for the first time, it is not a bad idea to take a couple of days of just to be more comfortable.

Is a single session enough?

There are multiple treatment sessions needed in order to achieve the desired results. The exact number depends upon the condition of the given person. However, for most people, five to six sessions are enough to achieve the desired result. Thereis a break between each session to ensure that the skin recovers well.

Is it painful?

There is almost no pain during the treatment. There is a stinging feeling similar to that of a light rubber band snapping against the skin. To numb down this sensation of pain, cooling gel is applied to the area to be treated. Cold air may be blown with a handheld device in order to make it further comfortable.

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