acne and pimples treatment

Glowing, beautiful skin is cherished much in our beauty obsessed society. Skin ridden with pimples or pimple scars, blackheads, whiteheads and pigmentation spots, often works as a repellent for many. Occasional as well as hormonal acne affects tens of millions of people of all ages and ethnicities every year. A significant majority of acne-sufferers is teenagers, courtesy raging hormones in the growing years, but even adults are not spared. Adult acne is also quite common. If you are a victim of teenage acne or adult acne, here are some really effective tips that may adequately answer your question, how to get rid of pimples.

Treatments for Acne

Gentle Cleansing:

One of the major causes of acne is clogged pores. Gentle cleansing helps clean up the pores, thus preventing acne breakout in the first place. Use this easy homemade honey face wash to cleanse your face daily and get rid of pimples.

Take three tablespoons of raw honey, one tablespoon of coconut oil and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Add into it 20 drops of melaleuca essential oil and break two capsules of live probiotics. Mix all the ingredients using a hand whisk. Pour the mixture in a clean bottle with airtight lid and store in a cool place. Cleanse your face with this natural cleanser at least twice a day.

Exfoliate Regularly:

Exfoliation also helps unclog process and get rid of dead skin cells and sebaceous secretions. However, make sure you are very gentle while exfoliating facial skin. Being too harsh or aggressive can damage the sensitive facial skin, resulting in pigmentation problems.

To prepare an economical and effective, chemical free exfoliant at home, take two tablespoons of brown sugar and mix with one tablespoon of coconut oil. Mix well and apply to the face. Gently massage the scrub into skin with your finger tips using circular motion. Start at the forehead and work your way down, paying particular attention to acne affected areas. Once done, remove the scrub with a damp cloth, followed by a thorough wash.

Try a Homemade Healing Mask:

Obviously you can’t leave your pimples untreated. While cleansing and exfoliation help improve the condition of pimples and prevent any future breakouts, existing acne needs a proper treatment. Here are two acne healing masks that you can try to get rid of pimples at home.

  • Yogurt and honey mask: Thoroughly mix one tablespoon each of plain yogurt and raw honey to get a smooth paste. Apply the mixture onto the face, focusing on the pimples as well as acne prone areas such as forehead and jaw line. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then gently wipe off with a damp cloth.
  • Cinnamon and honey mask: Take two tablespoons full of raw honey and add into it half teaspoon of powdered cinnamon. Also add in one teaspoon of coconut oil and mix well. Apply the mask over entire face, preventing your eyes. Wait for 7 to 10 minutes and then wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Note: If you have chronic active acne, add a couple of drops of tea tree oil in these masks.

These are all time tested home remedies that we have gathered to answer your question, how to get rid of pimples naturally. It is pertinent to mention here that these natural remedies for acne treatment need your time and patience to deliver. If you are seeking an effective, guaranteed and instant fix for oxygen facial may be worth considering.

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