mesotherapy gun therapy for cellulite

Cellulite is not a medical condition but it is nothing more than unwanted fat deposits on upper legs and buttocks area. Although, it is not a serious health condition that needs to be cured immediately, but it does make women look unsightly.

Although, it is mostly found in women, men also face this problem. It often runs in families, so if women in your family have this problem, there are good chances you will have it too. So the following are some of the most famous causes of cellulite problem.

  • Poor Diet
  • Fad Dieting
  • Dehydration
  • Total Body Fat
  • Slow Metabolism
  • Hormone Changes
  • Lack Of Physical Activity
  • Thickness And Color of Your Skin

Top 5 Treatments for Cellulite

There are many treatment options available to cure this problem, but the following are the top five treatments for cellulite removal in Dubai.

  1. Mesotherapy for Cellulite treatment: This technique is a therapy that was developed in Europe to relieve the pain of inflammatory skin conditions. In mesotherapy treatment in Dubai, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes are injected into the tissues just beneath the skin.
  2. Laser Treatment: A laser enabled device is also used to treat this problem. In fact, the laser light is used to melt down the fat deposits in the upper legs and buttocks area. It also breaks up the fibrous bands under the skin and stimulates the collagen production.
  3. Cellulite Creams: Cellulite creams are also used to dissolve the fat deposits under the skin but these creams are not often very effective in doing so. It is due to the reason that such kind of creams contains some components that can cause some harm.
  4. Laser Liposuction: It is one of the most famous fat removal treatments these days. The reason behind the success of this treatment is its safety and effectiveness to carefully remove the fat deposits from the localized areas in the body.
  5. Massage and Spa Treatments: Massage and spa treatments are also used to cure cellulite but they offer just temporary results and are not able to completely solve cellulite problem.

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