Top 7 Laser Hair Removal Questions

It was not possible in the past to remove the unwanted hair permanently. We never thought that one day we would be able to get rid of our unwanted hair forever. The truth is, we all want to say goodbye to unwanted hair. Only some of us take the practical steps to realize it.

The laser treatment for hair removal is good at delivering a permanent hair reduction. It is safe for the skin, and there are no severe side effects. It takes a short time to perform it, and there is no downtime. The minor side effects include redness, burning sensation, and tingling.

If you search on Google, you will find many laser skincare clinics that offer laser hair removal. Life becomes relatively easy in the absence of unwanted hair. You no longer need to do the shaving, waxing, trimming, etc. It is a long-term investment in the future of your skin. You save plenty of time and money by investing in this laser hair removal once.

FAQs About Laser Hair Removal

Let us answer the seven frequently asked questions about laser treatment for hair removal:

1. Is Laser Hair Removal permanent?

It is a treatment for permanent hair reduction. Generally, it requires about six to eight laser sessions to gain up to 90% hair reduction in a particular body area. It means the body areas will not be entirely hair-free. About 90% of that area will be free of hair. On the other hand, some people need to visit the clinic again for follow-up treatments once a year.

2. What are the notable risks?

Though it is a safe and effective option for all skin tones and types, there are some risks as well. A laser hair removal expert knows all the risks, and he or she can prevent the possible risks. It can cause damage to the eyes if not properly covered with goggles. The risks such as blistering, scarring, discoloring, and burns also exist. Candidates can expect minor burning and redness in the skin, but the skin will be fine in one day.

3. Does the laser light hurt?

The laser light targets the hair follicles by producing heat. The laser light destroys the hair follicles by producing heat energy. When the beams of laser concentrate on one point, the skin may sustain some damage. During this process, the person may feel mild pain.

It’s universally described as a rubber band snapping against your skin,” says one of our famous therapists.

The laser tings for a millisecond only. The commercial-grade laser machines are safe to use. The damage due to the laser treatment will be minor, and the skin will be fine in one day.

4. Can a person other than a doctor perform it?

Yes, some people specialize in performing laser treatments and are known as laser therapists. A laser therapist can perform laser treatments, but there is more to it. Specific qualifications and experience are necessary to perform the procedure, keep the candidate safe from side effects, and deliver promising results.

Though a qualified and experienced laser therapist can perform it, the supervision of a doctor is necessary to avoid possible risks and side effects. Knowing the skin type and tone is essential before performing laser hair removal. Some lasers are for a particular skin type, and they work well on that skin type only.

5. Will it work on my skin type and hair color?

Nowadays, we have laser machines to perform laser treatment for hair removal on all skin types. So, whether you are a very light-skinned person or a person with a darker shade, you can go for it. If we take Fitzpatrick Scale as a standard, all skin types (Type I, Type II, Type III, Type IV, Type V, and Type VI) can opt for the laser treatment for hair removal.

People with some skin disease and pregnant women must not take it. In general, there are five types of laser machines that can work well for all skin colors. For example, Alexandrite Laser or Diode Laser will be used to remove hair from light-skinned people. As far as the darker skin tones are concerned, Nd:YAG Laser is used most of the time.

Another point to consider is the color of hair that needs to be removed. The black and dark brown hair is easy to remove using a laser machine. In other words, blonde, gray, or light red hair is difficult to treat. There is another laser to address light-colored hairs. Laser hair bleaching is another option to hide light-colored hair.

6. How long does it take?

The time consumption is different for different areas of the body. For example, if a person wants to have it on legs, the treatment will take more time because the legs represent a large area of the body. So, the actual procedure time depends on the treatment area.

One millisecond is spent on one hair follicle. So, the more hair follicles on a body area, the more time it will take to cover it. In general, the underarms area will take about 15 minutes, and the legs or arms area can take up to 30 minutes. Moreover, generally, it takes six to eight laser sessions to deliver up to 90% hair reduction.

7. Where should I remove hair?

The latest commercial grade laser machines are tested for risks and side effects. It is safe to use these machines on all body areas including but not limited to the arms, legs, genitals, and area around the lips. However, you should avoid the eyes and the area around the eyes.

Candidates will have to tweeze or wax the area around the eyes, such as eyebrows (and unibrow), upper cheeks, and temples because the laser light can damage this sensitive area. It is better to try simple home remedies for facial hair removal instead of laser hair removal. All other parts of the body are completely safe for laser hair removal treatment.

The Bottom Line

In the end, we can say that Laser Hair Removal is a safe and effective option for both men and women. Moreover, there are specific lasers that can treat dark skin or light-colored hair. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to book an appointment. You can call us or fill the online form to get an online consultation.