Birthmarks are quite common around the world. Many babies are born with different birthmarks or develop them in the first few months of their lives. Usually these are cosmetic in nature and do not have any physical sympotoms. However, that is not the case every time and some birthmarks carry serious health risks.

Hemangioma are birthmarks that are usually present on the face or the neck. These are quite big and can take different shapes and sizes as well as colors. Red is one of the more common colors and in that case, it is known as a strawberry hemangioma.

Laser is the best hamngioma treatment in Dubai with high success rate. It is better than the traditionally used options. We shall learn more about the hemangioma, why it should be treated and how laser treatment can help in the following lines.

A look into hemangioma

Hemangiomas can be formed at any stage of the life but mostly occur in the early stages of a baby’s life. There are some variations of these vascular birthmarks. They are benign tumors formed as the blood vessels accumulate unnaturally at one spot.

Typically hemangioma grow quickly in the early years of a baby’s life and stop after a few years. Some of them can eventually shrink and fade away. Others may not go away in this fashion and need to be treated for this very purpose.

Importance of treatment

In most of the cases, the hemangiomas treatment are harmless and their only effect is cosmetic. However, in certain cases, they can have serious health implication. When too close to the eyes, the line of vision can be affected by their presence. Those on the nose or the throat can cause difficulty in breathing as well. if the size of the hemagioma increases significantly, they can also start bleeding.

Hemangioma can also have ill effects on the confidence of a person. Many children face bullying at school because of their presence and this can badly affect the confidence at a very young age. It can also add stress to a person since they are not a normal part of the skin. Getting the treatment can spare a person from a lot of psychological trauma.

Is laser treatment useful?

The laser treatment offers great results and in most cases, the hemmangioma can be completely removed. Due to its effectiveness, it is a much sought after option globally. Unlike other treatment options, children can make use of this treatment even in their infancy which allows the problem to be corrected at a very young age.

How does it work?

The treatment starts with the use of anesthesia so that the patient feels little or no sensation of pain after the treatment. This can be either topical or local depending upon the needs of the patient. Laser is set at specific wavelengths to ensure that it only targets the blood vessels that need to be removed. As the laser energy is provided, the blood vessels start breaking down. Once they are broken down, the body can naturally remove them.

Like all laser treatments, a single session cannot completely remove the lesions and multiple sessions are required. A treatment session does not take long and each sessions is spaced with the gap of a few weeks to allow the skin to recover from the previous treatment. Exact number of sessions can only be determined by your doctor after taking into account all matters of importance.

Advantages of the treatment

There are numerous advantages that are offered by the laser treatment. The treatment is highly effective and brings great results in general. The side effects after the treatment are minimal and there is no real downtime. The patient also grows in confidence and the out of place mark is taken care of. This can make socialization a lot easier than before.

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Please note that we advise cosmetic procedures to be availed only for therapeutic or reconstructive reasons. If you have any symptoms of pain that persist after the treatment, we strongly advise that you see your doctor.