Best Treatment for Pigmentation on Face

Are you struggling with pigmentation and are on the hunt for the Best Treatment for Pigmentation on Face? Well, I feel your pain and I have compiled this article to help you hundreds of people who are dealing with lost confidence due to pigmentation worries.

The Route of Non-Prescription Creams

Well, if you think the way I do, you will most likely go for non-prescription creams to begin the battle of pigmentation. Usually, these creams contain antioxidants, licorice extract and some bleaching agents that produce a lightening effect. You can try them as long as you don’t forget to apply sun block during the day and you don’t have extremely sensitive skin. If your pigmentation hasn’t yet taken a toll on your self-confidence and has just started to show, these creams might be the best treatment for pigmentation on the face.

The Route of the Lovely Dermatologists

Going to a dermatologist is as scary as visiting a doctor. Well, in my case at least. The only difference between the two is;

  • With doctor, you fear needles
  • With a Dermatologist; you fear to break the bank

Well, visiting a dermatologist will save you a lot of money in the long run. Instead of experimenting with a gazillion different products and wasting your time and money, the dermatologist will devise one best pigmentation treatment for acne on the face for you. It’s a much better route in my opinion.

The Popular Treatment Options

There are a gazillion companies that advertise their products as the best of the best treatments for pigmentation. But, we all know how true those claims are. Still, we fall for them. Believe me, I too do this sometimes. However, there are certain treatments which can work wonders for pigmentation. Here is a rundown of four of the best treatments for pigmentation on face.


  • A machine spraying tiny crystals on the skin zaps away the dead skin layer.
  • The procedure is one hundred percent painless.
  • You will need 3 to 6 sessions depending upon the extent of pigmentation. It surely can be the regarded as the best treatment for pigmentation on face.

Chemical Peels

  • Commonly known as a skin whitening treatment, it works wonders for pigmentation as well.
  • They are available in three different strengths; superficial, medium and deep.
  • The treatment involves a bit of tingling sensation. It dissolves the dead skin cells and makes your skin look even toned and glowing.


  • While lasers are certainly the Best Treatment for Pigmentation on Face, the choice of the laser therapists is ideal in this regard.
  • They will eliminate pigmentation ad revive the glow of your skin within minutes.
  • The number of laser sessions vary depending on the intensity of pigmentation and desired results.


  • Intense pulsed light laser therapy is often confused with the laser treatment but it is quite different to it.
  • It uses multiple wavelengths which help to target different kinds of pigmentation and body areas simultaneously.
  • It can be slightly painful but the use of numbing creams and local anesthesia numbs the skin and help to eliminate the pain.


If you are looking for a treatment that is ideal for you, fill on the form below and our dermatologists will tell you exactly that, after examining your skin. And all this is absolutely free. Alternatively, use the option of live chat.