Laser Hair removal in Dubai

Waxing, tweezing, epilating and shaving; whatever your weapon of choice, you (yes, you) hate the hair removal process. Surely, you want to look feminine and glowing but who wants to spend hours in the washroom. Thanks to technology, we can free ourselves from the struggle and eliminate unwanted hair. Laser Hair Removal in Dubai is here but what about all the myths and rumors associated with it. They probably freak you out. I know but don’t worry as we are here to zap the rumors.

Here’s how it’s done

The highly concentrated beams of light enter into hair follicles, allowing the pigment to absorb the beams resulting in destroying the hair permanently. Don’t worry, it might sound scary but it is entirely painless and won’t affect the surrounding skin.
Alexandrite, diode, and NDYAG are the most popular types of lasers to be used for permanent hair removal. You cannot figure out the best laser type for yourself at home. You need to visit a dermatologist for it. Scared of the consultation fees? Well, don’t be. We are offering a free, no obligatory consultation for our clients. More information is found at the end of the article. Let’s explore a bit more truth about Laser hair removal in Dubai.

If you have dark skin, your options are more limited

Well, some people believe that laser is only suitable for people with dark skin and light hair. Fortunately, it is not the case today. It was true a few years back and it led to burned skin but in this day and age, modern lasers such as ND: YAG, having longer wavelengths can work their magic in dark-skinned individuals as well.

Laser hair removal is for permanent hair reduction, not removal

This is not true. Modern-day lasers help you achieve flawless skin with no hair whatsoever. It permanently helps you get rid of the hairs and allow you to look and feel spectacular. You don’t have to undergo any maintenance treatments once you are done with laser hair removal in Dubai.

Skin Pigmentation is one of the most common side effects of laser

It’s not the case my lovely fellows. As long as you follow the pre and post-procedural care instructions, you are good to go and you won’t have any extreme side effects like skin pigmentation and discoloration. Just make sure that the practitioner you choose has hands-on experience with people of different ethnicities. Apart from this, don’t tan, fake or natural, don’t tan at all.

Getting treatment on your private areas will NOT affect fertility

The wavelength of the laser is designed to target the hair follicle. It won’t go deeper than just below the surface of the skin and therefore won’t affect any skin organs. So, if you have restricted yourself from this belief, don’t and continue with the laser journey.

It’s not a much-regulated procedure, so do your homework

You will find plenty of saloons that offer Laser Hair Removal in Dubai services but you shouldn’t trust anyone when it comes to your skin and hair. You should only go to a certified laser therapist from a reputed clinic. You need to ensure that you are not risking your safety.


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