stretch marks

There are numerous kinds of skin issues that a person may face during the course of his or her life. Some of these are easy to tackle and can be taken care of by maintaining a good skin regimen. However, there are others that need to be treated in order to be corrected.

Stretch mark is one of these issues that is faced by a lot of people, especially women. These are scars that appear on the skin due to the over stretching that causes the dermis to break. These red and purple line like scars fade away after a while but are not completely removed. Certain treatments can help in getting rid of this problem.

We shall learn more about the stretch marks treatment and how they can be dealt with, with the help of different kinds of treatments in the following lines.


What Are The Causes Of Stretch Marks?

The stretch marks are caused due to a number of factors getting together. The major contributors are pregnancy and sudden weight gain. In both conditions, the sudden increase in the bulge of the belly is the factor behind the stretch marks. Hormonal imbalance is also known to aid stretch marks and in both cases mentioned above, it is a contributing factor. Overly dry skin that lacks moisturization is more likely to get stretch marks.


Can Stretch Marks Be Avoided?

Stretch marks can certainly be minimized and in certain cases avoided as well. Consumption of vitamins for a healthy skin along with maintaining the required moisture content in the skin can minimize them in case of pregnancy and can eliminate them in other cases. Drinking plenty of water to ensure that the skin is not dehydrated is very important as well. Avoiding sudden weight gain and ensuring that the hormones are in check too can help in not getting stretch marks.


What are the treatment options?

We shall briefly look into the treatment options for stretch marks in the lines below.


  • Laser Skin Resurfacing

The treatment used for this purpose is known as fractional CO2. The treatment uses fractionated carbon dioxide laser in order to resurface the skin. While it maintains the traditional usefulness of the carbon dioxide laser, it is not nearly not as harsh as its predecessor.

The treatment works with the laser making tiny holes in the top layer of the skin which crusts away. Healthier skin replaces it in the following days. The new skin has lesser appearance of stretch marks. At the time, the level of elastin and collagen production is also increased in the skin, further aiding the cause.

The treatment has no downtime in most cases with minimal side effects that usually last a few days. Since there is some pain involved, topical anesthetics are applied to the area to be treated prior to the treatment. In order to completely get rid of stretch marks, five to six sessions of fractional CO2 are usually required.


  • Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion Dubai helps in eliminating the stretch marks by resurfacing the skin. For this purpose, a handheld device sprays tiny crystals at a predetermined rate. The skin gets injured and the healing process gets underway immediately. Over the course of next few days, damaged old skin crusts away and healthier skin replaces it. The new skin has lesser appearance of stretch marks. At the same time, Collagen production in the skin is also boosted and it makes it suppler and firmer.

In order to fully get rid of the marks, a few treatment sessions are needed. The treatment is nearly free from pain and to numb down any sensation of discomfort, topical anesthetics are used before the start of the procedure. There is no downtime after the treatment and the side effects are mild and easily manageable. Most of the side effects go away on their own without any trouble.


  • Chemical Peels

These are acidic solutions available in different strengths that are applied to the skin in order to resurface it. The strength of the peels depends upon the condition that is being treated. In order to get rid of stretch marks, the treatment is fairly useful. As it resurfaces the skin, the new skin has lesser appearance of the marks.

To get full results, the peels need to be applied numerous times. However, in case of deep peels, there is only a single application due to the harsh nature of the peels. Topical or local anesthesia is used to numb down the sensation of pain. Side effects usually are not very severe andlast for a short period of time. Generally there is no downtime.

While it is very inviting to apply the peels yourself due to the easy availability at drugstores without the prescription, it is a better option to leave it to the experts. Amateurs can add a serious risk of burning the skin in chemical peels application.

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