Underarm hairs grow at a faster rate (almost double) as compared to the hairs on your legs, claims a razor-producing company. This is the reason you have to shave your underarms almost daily to keep them smooth and stink-free. Hairs in the armpits offer an ideal nurturing place to the stink-causing bacteria. Thus hairy armpits not only look clumsy but are also hygienically unhealthy.

Shaving and waxing are the two most commonly used hair removing techniques used for keeping underarms hairless. Considering the pain factor, people often prefer shaving over waxing. However, But if not done properly it can cause infection, skin irritation, and ingrown hair. Here are a few tips as to how to shave your armpits to get that clear, smooth hairless skin often associated with Laser Hair Removal.

Tips for Armpit Shaving

  1. Start by taking a hot shower, as this will dampen the armpit hairs thereby making them soft. It will also help remove any debris and dirt as well as sweat and deodorant traces. If you are planning to take shower after shaving the armpits, use a cotton pad or small towel dipped in warm water to cleanse the armpits.
  2. Generously lather your armpits using your favorite shaving gel or foam. You can also use a generous amount of soap or shampoo for the same purpose. This will further soften the underarm hairs.
  3. Lift your hand high up as much as you can, ensuring the armpit skin is fully stretched. This will help shave hair easily while minimizing the chances of razor cuts and scratches.
  4. Shave the underarms not only up-down but also sideways since hairs in the armpits grow in different directions.
  5. Switch to the arm only after you are finished shaving the first one. Also, before starting the second armpit, clean the razor under running tap water to make sure the razor blades are free of any residue hairs.
  6. Once you are thoroughly done, clean the armpits with a cotton ball dipped in a diluted antiseptic liquid. This will not only minimize the chances of infection but also clean any traces of shaved hair.


Finish off by massaging a plain virgin olive oil onto the freshly shaved armpits and let the oil get soaked up before wearing clothes. If you don’t have plain pure virgin olive oil or you don’t like it, you can safely use your favorite after-shave cream or lotion for massaging underarms.