Laser vaginal tightening in dubai

With time a person can get a number of health conditions that can be annoying. With the advancement in medical sciences, one can thankfully now get rid of most of them. For women, one of the most common issues is the vaginal laxity. It can create a number of seemingly minor issues that can have an ill impact on one’s life and can damage the overall quality of life. We shall learn about vaginal laxity, why treatment should be sought and how laser treatment can help you feel better.

Why get treated?

Vaginal laxity is a very common phenomenon in women. With time, the collagen in the skin is badly damaged and it skin becomes loose. The main reasons behind the issue is the natural aging process, normal birth process of the children and the gravity.

This creates two major issues for women. One is the loss of urine and the other is the loss of pleasure during sexual intercourse. This can not only hurt the women emotionally, it can also take a serious toll on the relationship. Getting treated helps in feeling more confident and avoiding emotional trauma that the problem of vaginal laxity brings with it. Laser treatment is highly effective and certainly the better option from the lot.

The procedure

The treatment procedure is quite simple as the laser device is inserted into the vagina for the purpose of delivering the laser energy to get rid of laxity. The device inside moves in all direction, providing with the laser energy, ensuring that no area is missed. The device is moved back slowly as the treatment progresses. Within a few minutes, the procedure is completed.

Is there pain in the treatment?

The treatment is no painful at all and no numbing agent is used in the treatment. The only sensation felt is some heating in the treated area which is very mild. Most laser treatments needs topical anesthetics to be applied to counter the pain but there is no such issue with laser vaginal tightening.

How many treatment sessions are needed?

The treatment needs to be repeated a few times in order to achieve the desired outcome. Four to five sessions are enough for most people though the exact number of sessions depend upon the extent of the laxity and how well a person responds to the treatment. Your treatment provider will tell you the number of sessions your case requires.

What are the side effects?

The treatment really does not have any side effects. Some discharge takes place for the next few days from the treated area but that is about it. The treatment is fantastic because of this reason as well. Sexual intercourse should also be avoided for four to five days to ensure that the vagina recovers from the treatment.

Any downtime?

Thereis no downtime with the treatment and one can simply get back to work after the treatment. It may not be a bad idea to rest if you have time available.

Is it better than the completion?

Considering the fact that the treatment really does not have any real downsides and is highly effective in getting the treatment done in little time, it is certainly a better option than the surgery. Surgery is highly invasive and can take a long time for recovery besides the other risks that are associated with going under the knife. Most women who undergo the procedure report that they feel that the clock has been turned back and their level of satisfaction from courtship improves in a big way. Unless the doctor recommends otherwise for medical reasons, laser vaginal tightening is the way to go for vaginal laxity.

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