oxygen facial

No one dislikes a healthy and youthful appearance. As a person ages, the natural good looks go away and slowly but surely, a person starts looking old and weary. Fine lines and wrinkles are the first signs of aging that affect a person. These are followed by pigmentation issues which can become quite obvious.

In order to correct them, there are a number of treatments that are brought to use. One of these options is the Oxygen Facial. It is a highly efficientand effective solution that can take care of a number of skin related problems. Many celebrities are taking advantage of this fast and easy procedure that works wonders.

The treatment mainly uses oxygen to treat a wide range of skin troubles especially those associated with aging of the skin. We shall learn more about the treatment and how it works in the following lines.

Is it effective for everyone?

It is a highly effective treatment that works perfectly for most people with the conditions oxygen facial can treat. However, for people with sensitive skin types, it is not ideal option. It can cause skin trouble instead of improving it in certain cases. Therefore, be sure to see a doctor before you go ahead with the treatment to ensure that you do not have a skin type that will be damaged by the treatment.

How does it work?

The treatment works with a pretty simple mechanism. The skin is first cleansed so that the maximum benefit from the treatment can be had. Then, oxygen along with serums, vitamins and antioxidants are introduced to the skin. A handheld device is used for the purpose. The oxygen also affects the deeper layers of the skin which allows it to fix issues at that level as well. Different serums may be used as per the need of the person being treated to ensure that the best results are had.

Which conditions can be treated with it?

A number of skin issues can be corrected with the Oxygen facial Treatment in Dubai. Open pores and large pores along with live acne can be treated with the help of oxygen facials. These are all quite common both in the young and the old.Aging issues on the skin like fine lines and wrinkles which are caused by loss of collagen can be catered to as well. Age spots, which are caused due to the constant exposure of skin to sunlight without protection, can also be corrected with ease.

How many treatments are needed?

The number of oxygen facials needed varies in individuals. This can only be determined by your treatment provider considering all matters of importance. It is important to maintain a minimum gap between the treatments and getting more sessions than needed can actually cause the free radicals and damage the skin. Be sure to follow the advice by your treatment provider in this matter. Overdoing it can cause harm to the skin.

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Please note that we advise cosmetic procedures to be availed only for therapeutic or reconstructive reasons. If you have any symptoms of pain that persist after the treatment, we strongly advise that you see your doctor.