laser liposuction

World over, people are gaining lots of weights and the number of overweight and obsess people is at an all-time high. The situation has become alarming in recent times and more and more people are becoming aware of the dangers this poses. However, with busy work life, sedentary lifestyles and plenty of junk food to munch on, the task of losing the flab is very difficult.

In order to counter the weight gain and fat deposits, exercise and diet control is a must. If you are unable to attain success in this endeavor especially in certain parts of the body, there are certain fat loss treatments that can be useful.

Laser liposuction is making a lot of waves these days and it is an effective treatment option for fat and overweight people. We shall look into the procedure and when it should be brought to use for fat loss.


The treatment works with the administration of local anesthesia. Incisions are then made to enter the cannula that melts fat and sucks it out at the same time. Afterwards, the laser tip cannula is inserted into the incisions to melt more fat and boost collagen levels in the skin to ensure that it remains firm. Once the treatment is completed, the fat continues to melt and is removed from the body through excretion.

Good candidates for laser liposuction

There are a number of factors that determine who is a good candidate for laser liposuction. Let’s learn more about them.

People with localized fat

There are certain areas of the body where fat removal is very tough. Laser liposuction is an ideal solution for localized fat in areas like arms, chin, waist, hips and thighs along with certain other areas. The procedure can quickly remove fat from these areas making them more balanced. It is important that the person getting the treatment is actively working for weight loss as well.

People with good general health

Good health is essential for getting this treatment. People suffering from certain conditions like diabetes, heart trouble, depression, morbid obesity, significant stretch marks and endocrine disorders are not good candidates. There are other conditions on the list as well so be sure to discuss your medical history with the doctor before getting the treatment.

Women that are expecting should wait until after giving birth to make use of laser liposuction. Smokers and recreational drug users are not good candidates as well. Those consuming alcohol may also not be approved for the treatment. It is also important that you should be within a given weight range to get the treatment.

Skin should be elastic

Your skin needs to be healthy and have its elasticity in order for you to have the treatment. Elastic skin allows it to get back in shape as soon as the treatment is completed in which deposits of fat are removed. Do keep in mind that in some cases, excessive skin after the treatment may have to be removed.

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Please note that we advise cosmetic procedures to be availed only for therapeutic or reconstructive reasons. If you have any symptoms of pain that persist after the treatment, we strongly advise that you see your doctor.