What are the main reasons we go to the gym? For starters, to stay fit, toned and have tight skin; then there is that part where we want to look sexy or fit into some pieces of clothing and finally to expel toxins from our bodies by sweating it out.

Now, can you imagine getting all these benefits, but only for your vagina? Laser vaginal tightening does this and more. It also fixes some problems you might have had for a while but you are too embarrassed to air them out. This is why we are here and we are broadcasting it to you that it is ok to let a professional fix or enhance the working mechanisms of your vagina.

At Laser Skin Care, we encourage women to take back control of their lives, and this includes your vagina. And to help you with this big step, we have outlined the major reasons why you should book the next available appointment for a laser vaginal tightening or simply put; take your vagina to the gym non-surgically!

  1. Treats Vaginal atrophy: Laser Vaginal tightening is one of the ways that has been proven to treat vaginal atrophy. This is a vaginal condition that appears when your female hormones – estrogen – decrease within your body leaving your vagina dry. And by having a laser vaginal tightening, the vaginal tissue is rejuvenated naturally and non-surgically, hence restoring the vaginal mucosa which lubricates your vagina hence eliminating pain during intimacy.
  2. Treats vaginal laxity: There are a lot of reasons why the muscles within your vagina might become lax. Regardless if it’s by aging, childbirth, hormones or any other reason out there, Laser Vaginal Tightening can easily fix the problem by increasing the tissue elasticity. All you need is 1 to 3 sessions and you will be on your way back to your youthful days when you were all tight.
  3. Treats stress urinary incontinence: Laser vaginal tightening is less invasive and highly effective when it comes to treating stress urinary incontinence. The treatment works by using fractional laser to stimulate specialized cells within the vagina that generate elastin and collagen, hence making those loosened tissues tighter and easier to control.
  4. Normalize PH of the vagina: When the PH of your vagina is not balanced, you are most likely to experience itchiness, burning and abnormal discharge in addition to having conditions like Urinal Tract Infection commonly known as UTI. The imbalanced PH allows fungi, yeasts, and bacteria, which leads to these problems. Laser vaginal tightening increases new tissue production and increased blood flow to the vagina, which increases lubrication. This lubrication helps normalize the PH of the vagina which diminishes the mentioned vaginal conditions.

Notes to remember

  • During the treatment, a fractional CO2 laser is used
  • The treatment is non-surgical and is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon
  • You need a minimum of one session and a maximum of 5 sessions for the treatment
  • The results can take between two and four weeks to be seen – be patient
  • You should have the treatment every twelve months
  • Sometimes mild pain or burning might be experienced during the treatment
  • The treatment Improves collagen regeneration in the vaginal canal
  • Abstinence from sexual activity for two weeks after the treatment is recommended
  • Each session takes at least 30 minutes
  • Depending on the system used, you are recommended to abstain from sexual activity for a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 14 days.