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Dalya Sager is a licensed skincare expert specializing in several skin treatments. Her skincare journey started at an early age, and she made her passion her profession. She has more than 20-year of experience in different skincare procedures.

We are delighted to announce that this talented laser and skincare specialist and a part of our team at Laser Skin Care Clinic. Continue reading to know about her experience, training, specialties, and professional qualifications.

Educational Background

After finishing her BSc. in Human Genetics at the prestigious University College London (UCL) and MSc. in Medical Biochemistry, she set foot in the beauty industry. She had the privilege to work with notable laboratories and research institutions before dedicating herself to the dermatology field.

Experience and Training

Besides pursuing an illustrious career as a licensed skin laser specialist, she started and successfully ran a skin health clinic in the UK. A few years ago, she closely worked with founders of Obagi Medical and ZO Skin Health, where she further excelled in the field.

Specialties and Expertise

Due to her passion for beauty and wellbeing, she specializes in various skin treatments. Due to qualification, experience, and interest, she always delivers promising results to her patients.

Some areas of her expertise include the following:

Professional Memberships

Ms. Dalya Sager is a member of the following prestigious organizations:

  • Healthcare Commission UK
  • Advanced Aesthetic Therapist Club UAE
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine USA/UAE
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