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In our society, more attention is paid to the looks. People are mostly seen worrying about facial skin while overlooking the requirements of the body as a whole. If we think of our body as a whole, there are a number of body imperfections and discomforts that need special treatments to soothe our body as well as our mind.

Laser Skin Care clinic also offers a number of body treatments to help you have a balanced personality with velvety smooth skin and lean body. These include:

  1. Body whitening
  2. Body lifting
  3. Body rejuvenation
  4. Body fat removal

Body Whitening:

People are often found complaining about their dark skin tone or dark patches, especially on ankles and knees. Aging and sun not only affect your facial skin but also the body skin, leaving you with uneven skin tone and dark patches here and there. Do you also feel your skin has an uneven tone or dark patches? Help your body skin regain its radiance and clarity with our body whitening treatment.

Body whitening treatment will help you significantly eradicate blemishes, unpleasant skin discoloration, age spots, and pigmentation and enjoy a rejuvenated glowing skin that is whiter, clearer and smoother than the older one. The best thing about this treatment is that it can be used simultaneously on the entire body as well as on specific parts of the body, such as those areas of the body that are frequently exposed to sunlight like neck, hands, arms, legs and upper chest. Get body whitening treatment today and regain the youthful glow with perfect skin texture.

Body lifting

Body lifting is a surgical procedure that helps improve the shape and tone of the muscles and tissues that support the skin and the underlying fat. As you grow older, your body begins to lose its elasticity and the result is wrinkled saggy skin. Aging is often blamed for loose skin. However, there are several other factors as well that contribute to sagging of the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. These include pregnancy, sun damage, significant weight loss, and heredity.

During a body lift a plastic surgeon will reshape your body contours by tightening the skin and the underlying tissues, removing unwanted fat and excess skin and smoothing the overlying skin. Body lifting is also widely used to address stretch marks and cellulitis.

If you want to tighten saggy skin or enhance your body contours, get body lifting treatment and enjoy a shapely body with smoother and supple skin.

Body rejuvenation

As you grow older, your body weakens and various ailments begin to show up. Has old age also started taking its toll on you? Do you feel lethargic and down? Get body rejuvenation treatment and strengthen your whole system. Full body rejuvenation therapy is aimed at revitalizing not only your body but also your mind and soul.

Body rejuvenation treatment involves massaging the entire body with a medicated oil or cream, applying herbal masks, giving medicated steam bath and consuming rejuvenating medicines.

Laser Skin Care clinic is committed to providing its patients with the most technologically advanced body rejuvenating treatment options and equipment. If you have chronic body aches, want to detoxify your body or simply looking to relax and optimize your health simultaneously, contact us today and get your desired results with full-body rejuvenation.

Body fat removal

Body fat removal aims at helping people whose pockets of fat are resistant to diet and workout. This is done using specialized equipment that removes small volumes of fat at a controlled rate. The procedure significantly reduces fat deposits in your body and enhances your body contours.

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