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Laser Hair Removal in Dubai

If you’re tired of shaving and waxing your unwanted body hair each time and need a long-lasting solution, then LASER HAIR REMOVAL is definitely the best option for smooth and silky skin.

We, at Laser Skin Care Clinic Dubai, give you hairless, beautiful skin through laser hair removal. Laser hair removal can provide permanent hair reduction, although it may not completely remove all hair. The degree of permanence varies from person to person. Some individuals may experience pain or discomfort during the treatment.

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How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Generally, a high-intensity light beam is focused on the hair pigment (melanin). The targeted hair absorbs light which heats up and destroys the tube-like structure (hair follicle) that holds the hair within the skin. The hair is temporarily damaged for a period of 3-6 months. The newly grown hair from that area will be much finer and lighter than before.

Laser hair removal has received considerable interest due to its minimal side effects, safety, and effectiveness. Although it delays hair growth and reduces hair count, multiple sessions are needed for permanent hair reduction.

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal?

It offers

  • Painless removal of unwanted hair from your body.
  • Scientifically proven to cause no serious harm.
  • A long-term solution for unwanted hair growth.
  • After one or two sessions, lesser hairs grow on the treated area.
  • No surgical damage to the skin.

Laser Skin Care Clinic Dubai ensures the safety and satisfaction of customers by using the latest technology

Candela Gentlemax Pro®

One of the latest devices approved by the Food And Drug Administration (FDA). Its dual wavelength makes it very effective for all Fitzpatrick skin types.

The laser spot ranging from 1.4-24mm helps to cover a wide skin area. A pulse duration of 2ms (millisecond) makes the process faster and easier for the patient.

With its dynamic cooling device (DCD), there is no chance of skin injury. These features make Candela Gentlemax Pro a highly efficient and safe device. The device uses dual wavelengths:

Alexandrite laser

Emits a 755 nm wavelength laser

Best for people with

  • Fairest skin with red or blonde hair
  • Fair or white skin with blonde hair
  • Yellowish brown to medium fair skin with blonde or brown hair

Nd: YAG laser

Emits a 1064 nm wavelength laser beam

Best for people with

Advantages of laser hair removal

  • Laser hair removal is one of the most popular procedures for removing unwanted body hair.
  • The procedure is painless and less time taking as compared to hours of waxing, shaving, and plucking.
  • Though permanent hair removal is not possible, approximately 80-90% hair reduction can be achieved after multiple treatments using suitable methods and instruments, but the degree of permanence varies from person to person.
  • After the procedure, ice cooling and cooling gel gives you complete relief from any kind of discomfort, unlike other techniques of hair removal at home.

Which Body Parts Can Be Treated?

Laser hair removal may not be suitable for all skin types and may require different parameters depending on the skin type and hair color. Some skin types may be more prone to side effects or complications. Using the right parameters for the specific skin type, full-body laser hair removal can be performed on both men and women, namely on the following parts

Laser Hair Removal Treatable Areas

  • Eyebrows
  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Armpits
  • Legs
  • Chin
  • Upper lip
  • Arms

Moreover, bikini laser hair removal helps clean your pubic areas. Laser hair removal for men helps to shape the beard line as well.
The areas closer to the eyes are avoided to prevent serious eye damage.

How to Prepare Before the Process?

For a successful laser hair removal following precautionary measures are adopted at our Dubai clinic

  • Detailed examination of the patient’s medical history, underlying skin diseases, drug use, etc.
  • Informing the patient of any side effects and that the results will be temporary not permanent.
  • Hormone testing in the patient to detect any hormonal disease or abnormalities.
  • If the hormonal level is not normal or the patient has any hormonal disease then the treatment might differ and the skin response might not be the same.
  • Detecting the patient’s skin type and choosing the right instruments and parameters.
  • The patient should start avoiding sun exposure and use sunscreens for at least a month before the treatment.
  • Shaving is recommended just before the treatment to avoid any skin damage.
  • Plucking and waxing must be avoided at least 4 weeks before treatment.
  • Applying sunscreens before treatment reduces side effects.

What Happens During the Laser Hair Removal Process?

The treatment is very simple

  • Any existing hair on the area is trimmed off because then the laser targets the hair roots better.
  • You’ll be required to wear goggles to prevent the laser from damaging your eyes.
  • The doctor will clean your skin from dust or makeup and apply a cooling gel or ice packs to cool your skin.
  • A topical anesthetic cream is applied one hour before the process to numb the area.
  • Then the laser device is pressed on the skin to bring hair follicles close enough and block the blood supply temporarily.
  • The high wavelength light beam destroys the hair follicles and delays their growth.
  • This treatment only destroys hairs in their initial stages, so you’ll need further sessions after 4-6 weeks for complete hair removal.

Post-Treatment Care

After the procedure

  • You may experience mild pain due to the intense light which is treated by cooling.
  • In case of any severe skin injury (most unlikely), antibiotics are used.
  • Avoid sunbathing and use sunblock a month before and after the treatment period to avoid any complications.
  • Skin redness and swelling are normal and heal in a few hours.
  • If the swelling continues, your doctor may prescribe steroid creams.

Results of Laser Treatment for Hair Removal

The result is hairless beautiful skin with no serious damage. After laser hair removal, the regrowth of hair may vary depending on the individual, and it may not necessarily be finer or lighter. After 2-6 treatments maximum hair loss can be achieved for a long time depending on your skin type and the degree of permanence varies from person to person.

Some successful results from our laser clinic are given below:

Before and After Results

Laser Hair Removal Before And AfterLaser Hair Removal Before and AfterLaser Hair Removal Before And After

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

There is enough evidence to support the fact that laser hair removal is very safe. Also, modern technology helps keep the procedure secure.

Sun-tanned skins are at risk of getting skin burns after the laser treatment. Scarring is very rare and results from using unsuitable treatment processes for patients.

Bacterial infections or prolonged swelling happen in some cases and may be treated by antibiotics and skin cooling.

Laser Hair Removal Myths

The modern-day laser treatment for hair removal is the safest, fastest, and most comfortable way to eliminate unwanted body hair. Yet, many myths hold hair removal candidates back from getting this treatment. Here are the top myths about this treatment debunked.



  • It is Painful.
  • Laser Hair Removal is almost painless, some individuals may experience pain or discomfort during the treatment.
  • It is Expensive.
  • Laser hair removal may require multiple sessions and can be more expensive upfront compared to the cost of shaving or waxing, but it can provide longer-lasting results.
  • It is not suitable for darker skin.
  • Laser hair removal may not be suitable for all skin tones and may require different settings for different skin tones. Some lasers may not be safe or effective for darker skin tones.
  • The clinic/facility does not matter for Laser Hair Removal.
  • It is better to choose an expert for Laser Hair Removal because they have extensive training and prioritize patient safety.
  • It is Not Safe.
  • An expert always follows safety protocols designed by a Medical Standard Team

Laser Hair Removal Cost

The starting price of Laser Hair Removal in Dubai is 300 AED. Laser hair removal prices vary from person to person depending upon various factors, including

  • The number of sessions needed.
  • Size of the area to be treated.
  • Color, texture, and thickness of the hair.
  • Experience and reputation of your doctor.

Generally, the average price of full body laser hair removal at our clinic in Dubai ranges between AED 2500 and AED 3500.

The cost of a laser hair removal session ranges from

  • 300 AED to 500 AED for a small body area.
  • 600 AED to 900 AED for a medium body area.
  • 1000 AED to 1200 AED for a large body area.

And last but not least, our dermatologist will have the final say about the cost of the procedure.

Laser Hair Removal FAQs

Can Hair Be Permanently Removed by Laser?

You can get rid of shaving and other painful methods by taking Laser Hair Removal treatment from Laser Skin Care Clinic. Your hair thickness will turn into thin hair, and the growth process will get slow. Hair and nail in the body always grow despite you cut and remove them. You can’t remove hair permanently, but a laser will slow its growth, and you can hardly see hair on your skin due to its thickness.

What Are The Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal?

There are no major side effects of laser hair removal, but you may experience some common after-treatment side effects.

It can cause skin irritation.
It may increase the pigmentation of the skin
Redness, bruising and mild swelling on the skin.

Is hair removal with lasers a safe procedure?

Yes, laser hair removal is a safe treatment. It doesn't usually cause any significant complications aside from mild pain and redness. It is necessary to follow instructions from your laser expert.

What precautions to take between every two treatment sessions?

Ensure to avoid sun exposure and refrain from waxing or threading between two hair removal sessions. Moreover, keep your skin moisturized during this time. The treatment results tend to be more favorable and persistent with a carefully managed treated area.

Can You shave between laser hair removal sessions?

Yes, you can shave your treated area between two laser sessions. When shaving, you will notice a significantly reduced hair growth on the treated region even after the first treatment session.

Does laser help remove thin hair?

A laser can help remove thin hairs that are dark-colored. On the other hand, it may be a bit challenging to remove light-colored, soft, and downy hairs with laser treatments.

Is Laser Hair Removal Worth The Money?

Yes, it is, You spend a lot of money on waxing, shaving, spa, and tools for hair removal. Laser hair removal is a one-time beauty investment that is initially more expensive than traditional methods. Later on, after taking a couple of sessions, when you get your desired results, you will no longer need to spend any money on hair removal.

What are the Safety Precautions for this Treatment at our Clinic?

At Laser Skin Care Clinic, we use the best laser equipment configured with the safest yet most effective settings to ensure the smooth removal of unwanted hair.
Additionally, we use topical anesthetic solutions to reduce procedure-related pain. After the procedure, our highly experienced dermatologists provide complete instructions to help you avoid any complications and side effects.

How Painful is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is not a painful procedure like waxing and other hair-removing applicators. It may cause discomfort during the procedure in the form of mild bruising and skin irritation. This will get settled as soon as your skin gets cool down.

Is Laser Hair Removal Cancerous?

No, it is just a myth about laser hair removal. As it is FDA approved treatment that ensures the safety of the patient’s skin. Lasers are sometimes used to treat cancer patients.

How many laser sessions do I need for hair removal?

The average number of laser sessions required for intended hair removal ranges between six and eight. The number of required treatment sessions mainly depends on skin color, texture, and hair shade.

Is electrolysis better than laser hair removal?

Both treatments are almost the same in terms of cost and pain but electrolysis needs more sessions and covers lesser areas compared to laser hair removal. Electrolysis gives permanent hair removal and takes more time.

Is laser hair removal safe for all ages?

It does not matter how old you are, laser hair removal is safe and easy for all age groups. Problems arise only if the patient has any skin diseases, hormonal imbalance or the doctor is unskilled.

Why is laser better than (IPL) hair removal?

IPL laser treatment has been observed to cause blistering, skin scarring and abnormal pigmentation (pigment production), while these side effects are very rare in laser hair removal.

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