Laser hair removal for men

The fact is that having or developing any trait that makes an individual not conform to norms detaches him from normal life and makes him self-conscious. Excessive hairiness in men is one such trait that makes them feel self-conscious. Thick coarse hair on face – beard and mustaches – and on arms and legs add masculinity to a male profile. But excessive hair on neck, chest and back are often rated as unwanted by most men, and to get rid of these Laser hair removal in Dubai is best approach.

Excessive hair growth has the ability to drag the sufferer down and an unimaginable power to create setbacks for men in their professional lives. Not only it affects their career possibilities but may also disturb their family and social lives. Men who grow excessive hair start to discount themselves and it affects their confidence badly.

What causes excessive hair growth in men?

Excessive hair growth is more a medical problem than a cosmetic concern. Primarily, it is caused by abnormal level of androgens and testosterones – two hormones which are responsible for initiating and controlling hair growth. Sometimes hair follicles become sensitive to normal levels of androgens and thus grow an increased number of hairs. Both the conditions lead to abnormal hair growth. Blood tests are suggested to check level of hair growing hormones in body. Any over secretion of androgens or testosterones is identified in these tests.

How abnormal hair growth is treated?

Traditional hair removal methods include threading, waxing, and shaving. Threading and tweezing are normally used for facial hair while hairs on other body parts (arms, legs, chest, and back) are waxed or shaven. Shaving is the most frequently used method to get rid of facial hair in men. Although these traditional methods are the most commonly adopted ways for unwanted hair but, the biggest problem with these techniques is that they offer short term results.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Lasers offer a lasting, safe and painless solution for unwanted hair. It is an advanced cosmetic procedure that is rapidly gaining popularity as more and more men are seeking it for permanent hair reduction from different parts of body. It is an FDA approved hair reduction technique which destroys hair follicle’s ability to regrow hair, thereby reducing number of hair in the treated area.

Some salient features of laser hair removal include:

  • It is Fast and Reliable: Laser Hair Removal is a faster, more reliable and less painful method when compared with traditional hair removing methods
  • Only targeted hairs are treated: Laser targets hair in the treated area only, leaving hair in the neighboring areas intact
  • Multiple sessions are needed: Since lasers only target follicles which are in active phase – anagen phase – repeated sessions are required to successfully destroy all the hair follicles at the treatment site.
  • of sessions needed: Generally 5-6 sessions are enough to get desired results. After that laser sessions once or twice a year may be recommended to maintain results.
  • Ideal Candidate: The best candidate for laser treatment is one with dark coarse hair on lighter skin tone. But people with light colored hair and darker skin tone can also benefit from Laser Hair Removal – courtesy advanced laser system used by Laser Skin Care Clinic.

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We use CANDELA Gentlemax (Nd:YAG or Alexandrite) for hair removal, the same Laser system which is used for Acne Scar Treatment.

  • Choose right doctor: You must have your laser treatment from a qualified and experienced dermatologist because only a good dermatologist knows which device parameters should be used according to your skin and hair type so as not to harm your skin.

If you are interested in getting Laser Hair Removal in Dubai (ازالة الشعر بالليزر), put your confidence in Laser Skin Care Clinic and you would not be disappointed. If you have any queries or concerns, fill the form below and earn a FREE ONLINE CONSULTATION with our experts.