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These terms and conditions were last modified on October 5th, 2018.

Please read the terms and conditions of the Laser Skin Care Clinic. The legally binding points discussed here are about the use of this website: https://www.laserskincare.ae/. The users of this website are bound to follow the terms of services discussed on this page. We occasionally make changes to terms and conditions, and it is necessary for the regular users to keep checking for the medications.

Intellectual Property

This website and all types of content that exist on this website are the property of the Laser Skin Care Clinic. All items on this website are fully protected by the appropriate international copyright and local intellectual property rights laws.


The Laser Skin Care Clinic reserves the right to terminate an individual or organization’s access without serving any advance notice.

Links to Other Websites

We try to educate our users so that they could make an informed decision with our doctors’ and surgeons’ help. If we find valuable information on other websites, we mention the link to those websites so that people could learn more about that topic. Please note that those websites are not controlled by the Laser Skin Care Clinic, and we are not responsible for any harm caused due to those websites.

Governing Law

The Laser Skin Care Clinic has tried to make the terms and conditions as per the laws in the United Arab Emirates.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

The Laser Skin Care Clinic reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time. When we make changes to this website, we may not be able to inform all of our users about the medications. When we alter the terms and conditions, the website users will have to abide by all terms and conditions whether they read them or not. If a user does not agree with any part of the terms and conditions, we recommend not using the website.

Package Pricing

  • We are always ready to book an appointment, but appointments are subject to availability.
  • To make it easy and affordable for our treatment candidates, we often advertise plans and packages that are subject to particular terms and conditions. The terms and conditions related to those packages and plans will apply, and these offers may expire on a specific date.
  • Our promotional offers require the treatment candidate to pay the whole treatment amount in advance. If a person does not want to pay the full price in advance, the special package pricing will not apply.
  • The person who books an appointment in advance has to confirm the appointment 24 hours prior to the appointment time. Otherwise, we may not be able to see that person
  • The promotional packages a person purchases online or in the clinic are only valid for one year from the date of purchase. We may not be able to serve a notice for the expiry of the package.

Delivery of Service

Our services purchased by a person will only be rendered inside the premises of Laser Skin Care Clinic. If a person purchases a voucher from us, it would be necessary to present the voucher at the time that person visits us to avail of the service. The rules for booking an appointment will also apply in the case of vouchers. The appointment policies have been explained in the next section. The Laser Skin Care Clinic will not provide any treatment to any OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions countries in accordance with the law of the UAE.

Appointment Policies

It is necessary for people to book an appointment to reserve a specific time for the checkup because some doctors may not be available at the clinic all the time.

Appointment Cancellation Policy

It is required to book the appointment 24 hours in advance; otherwise, Laser Skin Care Clinic may not be able to refund any fee deposited.

Refund/Return Policy

The Laser Skin Care Clinic will not be able to make refunds or returns once the service has been availed or the appointment cancellation rules have not been followed. The packages are offered for the benefit of the patient. The patient will not be entitled to a refund after availing of some portion of the packaged service. The price paid for a package will apply to that package only. This price will be non-refundable and non-transferable. We can consider refunding if the patient is not able to continue with the treatment due to a genuine reason.

In such situations, we will calculate the price of the session(s) already availed as per our latest price. After finishing the calculation process, the remaining amount will be refunded, and our decision will be final. If a person is not suitable for a procedure on the day of service or we are not able to provide the service due to some reason, we will refund the payment made by that person. Alternatively, we can also reschedule the treatment or appointment if it suits that person. Please note we will only make payment through our preferred mode of payment.

Payment Cancellation Policy

A person can easily cancel an appointment or treatment before making the payment. Once the payment has been made, the latest rules for refund will apply, and our decision will be final, and the person will not be able to challenge it.

Complaints and Disputes

The UAE laws will apply if a person or organization has complaints or disputes regarding this website. We are always available to respond to complaints and disputes, but we do not offer guarantees in this regard.


The Laser Skin Care Clinic operates in the UAE, and the local rules and regulations apply to our clinic. People who are less than 18 age should not register on this website because they have not reached the legal age to make a decision about their treatments. The Laser Skin Care Clinic has provided information on this website for the knowledge of the users. We will not be responsible if something wrong happens due to the use of this website. The team who manages this website tries its best to remove any mistakes. Still, there are chances of errors, and we may correct or change any information without notifying the users.

The Laser Skin Care Clinic may make enhancements/changes in the services mentioned on this website at any time. No individual or organization can sue us for any damages caused due to the use of this website, including, specifically, but not exclusively, any business interruption, loss of data, or any lost profit. The seasonal or promotional offers are subject to related terms and conditions. The Laser Skin Care Clinic will only offer its services where it operates. The treatment results for the same procedure may be different for different people.

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