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Our eyebrows play a crucial role in shaping our overall facial appearance. Gone are the days of sleek and barely visible eyebrows. Perfectly shaped, bushy brows are the latest fashion trend. Moreover, they also complement the standard makeup regime. Due to this, women try different tricks and techniques to achieve their desired brow thickness. Eyebrow Microblading Dubai is a semi-permanent makeup technique that allows women to flaunt perfectly shaped eyebrows. This treatment has taken over the cosmetic industry by storm due to its minimally invasive nature and exceptional results. It enables people to enhance their facial appearance without going under the knife.

What is Microblading?

Microblading also known as Microstroking or 3D eyebrows is a type of semi-permanent makeup that allows you to have the eyebrows you desire. It works by simply placing micro-sized pigments in your skin through a device with needles.

Microblading eyebrows help you increase the thickness of your eyebrows and also give them a proper shape depending on your face type, age, and gender.

You can transform your ultra-thin eyebrows into fuller, thicker, and perfectly arched eyebrows.

Generally, the results are natural-looking because deposited pigments look like real hairs. Since the procedure is not permanent, the results last for about 12-18 months. Moreover, patients may require a follow-up session a month after the treatment. However, patients only need to continue follow-up treatments if they want to retain the effects.

What is Microshading?

The name Microshading is self-explanatory. It is also a semi-permanent makeup technique for eyebrows.  Although the treatment is relatively similar to microblading, there is one significant difference. While Microblading provides full tattoo strokes in the eyebrows to shape them, Microshading in Dubai does selective strokes. It shades the browline rather than filling it to give it the desired shape. As a result, the illusion of thicker and fuller eyebrows is created.

Microblading vs. PhiBrows Microblading

PhiBrows Microblading Dubai is a microblading technique which means it is also a semi-permanent makeup procedure. It is a manual technique that draws hyper-realistic eyebrows. The practitioner calculates the eyebrow shape according to the person’s facial morphology and the golden ratio (i.e., phi = 1.618).

During the procedure, a specialized device with a tiny blade is used. The practitioner uses the blade to draw hair strokes into the eyebrow with pigment carefully.

What is Eyebrow tattooing?

In this method, tattoo ink is deposited in the skin along the direction of your eyebrow’s growth. This is a more permanent eyebrow shaping technique and gives you an eyebrow tattoo i.e. enhances the coloration of your eyebrows

Process of Eyebrow Microblading

The process of Eyebrow Microblading in Dubai is somewhat similar to the traditional tattooing technique. The step-by-step procedure is as follows:

  1. Firstly, the practitioner will measure the length of your eyebrows with vernier calipers and a T-shaped eyebrow scale.
  2. Secondly, he/she will use an eyebrow pencil to outline the desired eyebrow shape.
  3. Then the practitioner will administer topical anesthesia to the treatment area. It will help alleviate discomfort and pain during the procedure.
  4. A specialized pen-like(similar to a scalpel) device having sterile needles at its end is used for Microblading the eyebrows.
  5. The practitioner will dip the pen in the pigment ink and implant pigment under the skin’s top layer.
  6. He/she will continue delivering pigment until desired results are achieved.

Generally, the entire procedure takes about 30-45 minutes. However, the duration may vary depending on several factors. Moreover, if an expert has performed the procedure, the results will be natural-looking. As a result of the treatment, patients will get an illusion of thicker and fuller eyebrows.

Recovery Phases of Microblading

For the best Microblading Eyebrows Dubai, patients must consult an expert. He/she will guide them about the different recovery phases of Microblading they will go through after the procedure.

Generally, Microblading has the following recovery phases:

Days Phases
1 to 3 The treatment area may feel tender, but the brows look fuller.
3 to 5 Eyebrows appear darker but start flaking off.
5 to 8 They continue to flake off, and their color starts fading.
8 to 12 Eyebrows stop flaking off, and they start returning to their natural color.
12 to 21 The color and texture of the eyebrows appear more natural.
21 to 30 The skin of the treatment area is completely healed.

These instructions are generally given by the experts for post-procedure care:

  • Avoid touching or wetting the area for 48 hours after treatment
  • Scabbing and infection are normal so avoid scratching off the scabs
  • Any type of soap, facewash, and makeup should not be applied for 1 week
  • Waxing and threading should not be done for 6 weeks post-treatment


Microblading Dubai has a number of benefits. Some noticeable benefits are as follows:

  • The procedure is non-surgical but minimally invasive.
  • Patients feel no pain or discomfort during the treatment.
  • It gives natural-looking results.
  • The results are semi-permanent but long-lasting.
  • Patients achieve their desired results of thicker and fuller brows.
  • The overall facial appearance improves.

Microblading Before And After

Eyebrow Microblading DubaiMicroblading in DubaiMicroblading Dubai & Semi Permanent Makeup in DubaiMicroshading Eyebrows | PhiBrows Microblading in Dubai

Microblading Cost in Dubai

Microblading is not an unaffordable procedure, as most people believe. However, its cost depends on a number of factors. Microblading in Dubai price is relatively reasonable and affordable than in other areas. Generally, it is not expensive, but the cost may vary from patient to patient due to a number of cost determinants. Some cost-defining factors include:

  • Clinic’s location and reputation
  • Doctor’s expertise and qualification
  • Technique used
  • Number of sessions
  • Desired results

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