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Everyone wants glowing skin that gives a youthful appearance. It obviously is not always possible, and with time, the skin loses its natural firmness. From wrinkles to pigmentation caused by the sun and aging, people face plenty of skin problems during their lifetime. But with advancements in technology, aged and dull skin seems to have become a story of the past. Now anyone can have robust and rejuvenated skin even in their 50s. Skin Rejuvenation Dubai can help improve the skin’s health and correct various skin-related problems. Numerous clinical treatments can be used for achieving healthier and rejuvenated skin. Continue reading to know your options for Skin Rejuvenation Treatments.

*Facts You Must Know

Cost of Treatment

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Time Required
~30-60 minutes per session
Not Required
Recovery Time
Varies for each treatment
Success Rate
Very High

Aim of Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Skin Rejuvenation in Dubai aims to help patients get rejuvenated skin free of:

Who is a candidate?

Anyone not satisfied with his/her skin tone or texture can benefit from Laser Skin Rejuvenation Treatment in Dubai. An ideal candidate should:

  • have an uneven skin tone.
  • be struggling with premature skin aging.
  • have enlarged pores.
  • want to get rid of age spots or sun spots instantly and effectively.
  • have dull skin with a rough texture.
  • wish to eliminate facial fine lines and wrinkles.
  • have acne scars, trauma scars, or surgical scars.
  • suffer from sagging skin.
  • have tried different natural remedies and topical applications.

Machines We Use

Our clinic uses one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge laser machines for different Skin Rejuvenation Treatments. We commonly use the following laser devices:

Treatment Options for Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Skin Care Clinic offers a wide variety of specialized treatments and techniques for face skin rejuvenation. These techniques can treat any skin problem or a set of problems.

Chemical Peels and Green peels

Chemical peels are acidic solutions that rejuvenate the skin by resurfacing it. As a result, healthier skin replaces the old and damaged skin. Moreover, the peels also boost the collagen levels to firm up the skin further. These peels are available in different strengths and are used as per the skin’s condition. In order to avoid any risks, it is ideal for letting a professional assess the skin and apply peels.


Microdermabrasion exfoliates the skin with the help of a handheld device that sprays tiny crystals onto the skin. The damaged skin is removed, and a healthier one replaces it within a few weeks. Collagen levels in the skin to get a boost. The treatment can correct pigmentation issues, textural issues, fine lines and wrinkles, and scarring on the skin. It is a versatile treatment that works well in rejuvenating the skin.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Skin Rejuvenation in Dubai is mainly used for treating sun-damaged skin by breaking down the pigmentation. It works in particular wavelengths to ensure that the maximum result is achieved without affecting the nearby skin tissue. Moreover, it is also widely used to revitalize the skin by treating fine lines and wrinkles. Laser treatment can even improve skin appearance by eliminating age spots, blemishes, and certain birthmarks.

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

Fractional CO2 is a laser therapy that treats a wide range of dermatological conditions. These conditions include acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, freckles, and blemishes. Moreover, it helps even out the skin tone and texture. The treatment resurfaces the skin to allow healthier skin formation and boost collagen and elastin levels in the skin. Patients can achieve remarkable results within a few treatment sessions.

How to prepare for skin rejuvenation?

Since Skin Rejuvenation Treatment is non-surgical, there are no strict pre-procedural guidelines. However, if the doctor provides some instructions, patients must follow them.

Some general guidelines are as follows:

  • Be vigilant and understanding enough to select the best course of treatment.
  • Start using prescribed skin lightening ointment 3-4 weeks before the treatment.
  • Prepare your skin for the procedure with retinoids, but only if recommended by the doctor.
  • In most cases, doctors ask patients to stop using Retin-A a week before the procedure. Discuss with your provider.
  • Take a good night’s sleep the day before treatment.


Patients will be able to see the initial results of Skin Rejuvenation Dubai immediately after the treatment. However, it may take some time before the final results become apparent. Since almost all skin rejuvenation treatments accelerate collagen and elastin production, the skin will continue improving for several months. The duration of the outcomes depends on the chosen procedure and the patient’s immune system. However, the results last a long time.


Skin Rejuvenation has multiple benefits and some notable ones are as follows:

  • It is a virtually non-surgical and non-invasive treatment.
  • The procedure is pain-free.
  • It is safe and does not have any severe side effects.
  • The procedure does not have any downtime.
  • The recovery period is short and uneventful.
  • It gives natural-looking and long-lasting results.
  • The Skin Rejuvenation cost in Dubai is also reasonable.

Only the doctor decides which Skin Rejuvenation Treatment suits a patient the most. He/she will decide on treatment after assessing the patient’s skin.

Our Experts

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Laser Therapist and Skin Treatments Expert
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Laser Therapist and Skin Treatments Expert
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Dr. Fazeela Abbasi MD
Celebrity Dermatologist and Laser Specialist
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Dr. Rutsnei Schmitz
Cosmetic Dermatologist

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