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Several laser treatments use high-intensity laser rays and heat energy in their procedures to treat skin pigmentation issues. Due to the harsh laser rays, the procedure not only becomes painful but produces significant after-effects as well such as redness, swelling, and flaking, leading to more downtime. As skin pigments are very dense and minuscule; it becomes difficult to remove them. However, FX PICO Genesis treatment has made the process a lot easier and less painful.

What is PICO Genesis FX?

One of the groundbreaking discoveries in the field of laser treatments is Pico Genesis FX. It is an FDA-approved procedure that is suited for all skin types. It effectively helps in healing fine lines, sun damage and acne scars, particularly ice pick scars.

In PICO Genesis FX, the laser beam is divided which intensifies the power of the beam. However, breaking the beam causes minimal pain during the process as it creates micro-wounds in the skin. These micro-wounds within the dermis and epidermis help the skin in recovering quicker as compared to other traditional methods. Moreover, minimal skin damage leads to very slight and often self-resolving side effects.

How is PICO Genesis FX different from PICO Genesis?

A question may arise that why would anyone use PICO Genesis FX when PICO Genesis is already there? For that, you need to understand how the two procedures are different from each other.

PICO Genesis is a traditional method of skin rejuvenation. It helps to treat skin pigmentation and revitalize it. It utilizes picosecond laser rays, to reduce hyper-pigmentation, for skin toning and collagen building. Moreover, it improves the complexion within 1 or 2 sessions. PICO Genesis works fine on its own but it can also use along with other treatments. The downtime for PICO Genesis treatment is from minimal to none at all.

PICO Genesis FX treatment, on the other hand, is more extensive and meticulous. As compared to the regular Genesis method, it is a stronger procedure. High energy picosecond rays are fractionated and delivered within the skin. As a result of these advanced pulses, the process of skin rejuvenation and collagen remodeling is facilitated.

The regular PICO Genesis might show a little flaking or minimal swelling in severe cases. This condition naturally resolves within a few days. On the other hand, PICO Genesis FX laser is a slightly stronger and intensive treatment. Due to this, the skin may remain reddish and scabby for a while longer than in regular Genesis. But the results in the form of glowing skin, a toned complexion, and reduced wrinkles will last longer than any traditional methods.

What is PICO Genesis FX laser used to treat?

A pigmented or scarred skin is not desired by anyone. It affects the overall personality of a person and as a result, their confidence level takes a hit. PICO Genesis FX treatment is used to treat:

  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Brown spots
  • Age spots
  • Melasma
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Pigmented lesions

While it helps to treat all these skin conditions, always consult a PICO Genesis FX laser expert before making any decision.

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How does PICO Genesis FX work?

PICO Genesis FX is employed to remove ice pick scars and improve skin texture. The fractionated picosecond laser pulses used in the new and improved PICO FX treatment. The laser rays are transmitted to the skin with the help of a Micro Lens Array (MLA) handpiece.

FX PICO Genesis Dubai follows a simple procedure:

  1. The high energy picosecond pulses delivered to the skin using a Micro Lens Array.
  2. The laser rays produce a non-thermal optical disintegration in the dermis and epidermis.
  3. This causes the collagen to remodel and produces elastin without harming the epidermis.
  4. In the 72 hours after the procedure, the skin starts regenerating naturally resulting in a brighter and smoother looking skin.

What are the benefits?

Some of the most productive benefits of getting a PICO FX treatment are mentioned below:

  1. The quick procedure of nearly 20 minutes from start to finish
  2. Minimal to none downtime after treatment
  3. Significantly noticeable results within 72 hours after treatment
  4. Fewer treatment sessions as compared to traditional methods
  5. Mild and self-resolving after effects
  6. Less painful than most laser therapies
  7. Minimum harm caused to the skin tissues
  8. No harm caused to surrounding skin
  9. Long-lasting results
  10. FDA-approved for all skin types

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Laser Skin Care is offering a reliable and secure FX PICO Genesis treatment in Dubai. We have highly experienced and trustworthy surgeons on board. To schedule a session or get a free consultation from expert surgeons, visit our clinic or fill in the free online consultation form.


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