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Tattoos have always been a unique way of self-expression. Anyone can get anything tattooed on almost any part of their bodies. While most people don’t fulfill their teenage dreams of getting their high school sweetheart’s name tattooed across their arm, some do. However, while the gesture may be endearing, it can quickly become a problem. Many a time, we don’t want to keep a tattoo we once got so desperately. There can be many reasons for wanting to get rid of an unwanted tattoo. But usually, it is because we outgrew the phase when we got the tattoo. So, when it doesn’t mean as much to us as previously, we want to get rid of it. Fortunately, several treatments are available for eliminating old and unwanted tattoos, and PicoSure Tattoo Removal Dubai is one of them.

Previously, practitioners used different methods, like Excision, Dermabrasion, Salabrasion, and Cryosurgery, to get rid of tattoos. However, they were all relatively invasive, with considerable downtime after the procedure. Nowadays, Pico laser treatment makes removing unwanted tattoos from the body extremely easy.

What is an unwanted tattoo?

Tattooing has been a popular form of body art for ages. People get different designs on different parts of their bodies. Usually, the tattoo means something to them, and they want to express it by getting inked. While a tattoo is almost always meaningful, it may lose its meaning over time. For instance, if someone gets their partner’s name tattooed but later splits up with them, it will become meaningless. In such cases, the tattoo becomes unwanted, and people want to get rid of it as soon as possible. With Pico Tattoo Removal in Dubai, eliminating an unwanted tattoo is relatively easy and virtually pain-free.

Tattoo Removal Treatments

Different types of tattoos are available in the market, including temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent tattoos. The temporary ones are not long-lasting, which means they fade away and disappear with time. On the other hand, the permanent ones do not fade over time. Moreover, they are not easy to remove with traditional tattoo removal techniques. However, using the latest Laser Tattoo Removal methods, it is relatively easy to remove permanent tattoos.

The reasons people seek out tattoo removal are as unique as each person is. Different options are available when it comes to removing a tattoo. The three popular tattoo removal methods are as follows:

What is PicoSure® Laser?

The world’s first and only picosecond aesthetic laser platform, PicoSure® is an approved laser by the Food and Drug Administration. PicoSure® laser signals a new day in skin revitalization—the perfect method for pigment, wrinkles, and tattoo removal. Specialists have been using it for treating a number of skin-related problems and other conditions, including:

  • acne scars
  • wrinkles
  • benign pigmented lesions (dark spots)
  • tattoos

One of the best things about PicoSure® is that it doesn’t have any downtime. Due to this, experts now prefer it to get rid of tattoos and other skin problems.


From being a former gang member wishing to start a new life to a heartbroken ex in need of eliminating a former flame’s constant reminder, the stories behind tattoos are endless.

PicoSure tattoo removal Dubai is a popular treatment with numerous benefits. Below we have mentioned some of the most prominent ones:

  • The procedure is non-surgical.
  • It is virtually a non-invasive treatment.
  • PicoSure® laser can remove different ink colors, especially blue and green ink.
  • The results are more effective than other options.
  • The procedure takes a short time to remove the tattoo.
  • There is no downtime.
  • It doesn’t have any severe, long-term side effects.

Pico Tattoo Removal Treatment

The Pico laser Tattoo Removal in Dubai is considered the safest and the most effective tattoo removal option. At Laser Skin Care Clinic, we use PicoSure® for tattoo removal since it is the most advanced and effective option. Moreover, the treatment is entirely safe and doesn’t cause any harm to the skin. Over the past few years, it has become the gold standard for tattoo removal. Our doctors and staff members are friendly and do not compromise on patients’ comfort. They will guide you about the treatment in detail during the initial consultation session.

Pico Tattoo Removal FAQs

How many PicoSure treatments does it take to remove a tattoo?

Typically, it takes about 4-8 sessions of PicoSure treatment for tattoo removal. A single session hardly takes a few minutes to complete. However, these sessions must be scheduled at least 6-8 weeks apart to give some adjustment time to the skin.

How painful is PicoSure tattoo removal?

Since PicoSure is a laser treatment, some intensity of pain is associated with it. However, it doesn’t cause unbearable pain; rather, it only causes discomfort. Usually, the sensation occurs when the laser makes contact with the skin and lasts for a while after the procedure is over. But in comparison with the traditional tattoo removal methods, Pico tattoo removal is virtually painless.

How often can you have PicoSure?

Usually, a patient needs 4-8 sessions for tattoo removal, and each session must be scheduled after 6-8 weeks. While a follow-up session may be required after a year or so, some people don’t need any. On the other hand, some people quickly accumulate fat. Generally, it is safe to have a PicoSure after 6 months of the treatment, but it may vary from patient to patient. So, a doctor must be consulted if a patient wants to get a follow-up session.

How long does PicoSure last?

The results of Pico Tattoo Removal in Dubai are usually permanent, and patients don’t need follow-up treatments. However, even if someone requires a follow-up, it cannot be necessary before 6-8 months.


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Pico laser Tattoo Removal in Dubai is an excellent option for people wanting to remove unwanted tattoos. Do you want to learn more about Pico laser tattoo removal? Do you want to know the cost of the treatment? Please feel free to contact the Laser Skin Care Clinic if you need further assistance regarding this treatment. At our clinic, the price of this treatment is quite reasonable. You can call us or fill the online form to schedule an online consultation.

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