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Best Dermatologist in DubaiLaser Skin Care is an inter-professional and multi-specialty clinic with a network of expert dermatologists, skin specialists and staff members. We take pride in owning a world class set of skincare clinics all around UAE, where the Best Dermatologists in Dubai have been delivering spectacular skin care services since the year 2004. Our team and state of art technology sets us apart from the rest. Our aim is to provide quality skin care and cosmetic solutions at economical rates. We believe in perfection and our dermatologists in Dubai deliver the part.

*Facts You Must Know

Cost of Treatment

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Time Required1 Hour
AnesthesiaLocal Anesthesia
Recovery Time1 Week
Success RateVery high Success Rate

Team of Dermatologists

Our skilled team of the Best Dermatologists in Dubai and amazing staff members recognizes:

  • The individuality of each client coming in
  • The need to tailor fit the procedure to meet the unique needs of an individual.
  • The need of taking a holistic approach when it comes to suggesting an actual treatment
  • The need to work with the patients on a personal level to make them feel comfortable with the procedure.
  • Importance of a Free Consultation because it allows the clients to test the waters first

Who do We Deal with?

Being situated in UAE, we get a chance to work with people of different ethnicities which makes our dermatologists have a diverse experience. Our team of refined, experience and certainly the Best Dermatologists in Dubai ensure that each individual client leaves the clinic satisfied and happyWe recognize the complexities of varying ethnicities and deliver the results accordingly.

  • Our dermatologists come from all around the world. They have performed their magic in different geographic locations which provide them with hands-on experience in treating people with different DNA’s
  • We realize the fact that not all treatments will correspond well with each individual.
  • We have varying kinds of treatments for people with different ethnic backgrounds.

Treatment Options

Our aim is to make you become the epitome of perfection. Whichever your beauty concern is, we have got a treatment for that.

  • Our Dermatologists in Dubai provide body contouring procedures along with skin care procedures to make you look like a dream from head to toe.
  • Our dedicated team of the best dermatologists in Dubai, nurses and staff members are available 24/7 in each one of our clinics.
  • We use state of art technology and we ensure to upgrade our techniques, treatments and the equipment used.
  • Our clinics are open 24/7 to assist you. Visit us anytime to see our work.
  • We hold the best dermatologists in Dubai under one roof and they surely have perfected the skin care and body treatments.

Complete Cosmetic Solution

Our team of Dermatologists in Dubai will transform your skin and body in the most glorious manner. Our best treatments include:

Who Are We?

The best Dermatologists in Dubai, doctors, trained nurses and surgeons along with certified health care staff are they key reason why we hold our name high in the beauty and cosmetic world. We ensure that all of our staff has acquired their relevant degrees from the best medical institutes. Most of our dermatologists in Dubai are a member of prestigious medical and cosmetic institutes. We are dedicated to provide the best services and we really want to ensure that you absolutely love the skin you are in.

Each member of our team has adequate

  • Experience
  • Expertise and skills
  • Excellent track record
  • Enviable credentials


Rebecca Treston

Seasoned skin care professional knows individual skin, diet, and lifestyle differences and suggests a suitable cure. Our leading skin treatment specialist Rebecca believes in the same principal. Her skin treatments journey started right after getting a qualification in beauty therapy & lasers from the UK where she belongs. In 1999, she came to Dubai and making skins awesome ever since.


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