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Birthmarks affect a large number of people around the globe. Different marks have different cosmetic effects. Not all birthmarks are present at the time of the birth; some can develop in the first few hours and even months of baby’s life and port wine stains are one of them.

Port wine stain is a red or purple colored patch on the skin. It is one common type of vascular birthmarks, which means it appears on the skin as a result of abnormal development of blood vessels. Most patients do not experience any pain or discomfort due to these nevi but in some, this abnormality of blood vessels can cause serious complications as well.

If you also wish to get rid of purplish marks on your own skin or on your kid’s neck or face, you can always opt for a Port Wine Stains Treatment in Dubai. But before discussing the treatment options, let’s have a detailed look into what causes these unsightly stains and what are the symptoms.

What are the Symptoms of Port Wine Stains?

  • Port wine stains differ in size and shape.
  • Initially, the vascular nevus appears as a flat pink mark on the skin.
  • Over the time color begins to darken and the end product is a dark purple or deep red stain.
  • The texture of the port wine stain also changes with time.
  • Initially, the mark appears as a flat patch but over time, as the veins grow it becomes thick and pebbled.
  • These nevi mostly appear on face and neck but can appear anywhere on the body.

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What causes Port Wine Stains?

  • Port wine stain, also known as nevus flemmeus, is caused due to capillary malformation.
  • The stain happens due to limited or insufficient supply of nerve fibers – thread like extensions of nerve cells responsible for keeping blood vessels narrow.
  • In the absence of sufficient nerve fibers, blood capillaries begin to expand, allowing inflow of more than required blood.
  • The excess blood accumulates on the surface of the skin, appearing as a red or purple mark, medically known as Port Wine Stain.

What are the risk factors associated with port wine stains?

  • Genetics do play a part in the formation of port wine stains.
  • If the mother or the father has a family history port wine stains, the kids are more susceptible to developing the reddish nevi on face or neck.
  • The stains are not caused by anything that a mother does during pregnancy. It is just a myth!

Port Wine Stains Diagnosis:

  • Port wine stains are usually harmless and do not cause any problems or pain. However, sometimes they can be a sign of some other medical condition, but this is very rare
  • No special tests or scans are required for the diagnosis of Port Wine Stains. Usually, the doctor tells the parents if their child has a port wine stain or some other vascular nevus by simply looking at it.

Port wine stains Treatment:

There are a number of treatments available for treating Port Wine Stains in Dubai, including medications, creams, laser treatment, and surgery. Among all these treatments laser treatment is considered the most effective and safe birthmarks treatment.

Laser Treatment for Port Wine Stains:

Lasers offer an effective and trustworthy Port wine stains treatment in Dubai. Laser treatment is highly effective and is mostly done once a person reaches teenage. But some types of port wine stains can also be treated with laser even during infancy.

  • The procedure is performed with local anesthesia but, if necessary, general anesthesia can also be used.
  • The treatment involves penetration of laser beam in the abnormally grown blood vessels.
  • The laser targets the vessels specifically and destroys them without causing any harm to the skin nearby.
  • Targeted and destroyed blood vessels are easily absorbed by the body.
  • Ice packs and topical antibiotics may be used to minimize any post-procedural discomfort.
  • Every laser has a cooling device attached with it that lowers the discomfort caused by the laser.
  • Here at Laser Skincare Clinic, we use Q-switched NDYAG Laser for Port Wine Stains Treatment.

Benefits of Laser Treatment:

Laser Treatment for port wine stains has several advantages. Some of them are:

  • It is the most effective treatment for port wine stains, both doctors and patients agree
  • It is a virtually non-surgical non-invasive procedure
  • It does not involve any pain or discomfort
  • The recovery process is quick and no downtime is associated
  • It does not cause any serious side effects or long term complications

Laser Treatment Results:

  • Results of laser treatment for port wine stains are generally quick and instant.
  • You will notice a significant improvement in the appearance of marks after the first sessions.
  • Multiple sessions may be needed for complete Port Wine Stains Removal
  • The mark fades out after every laser session and after a few treatments it will be eliminated completely

Additional Info:

  • Is a single session enough? For effective results, more than one session of the treatment may be required. Port wine stain fades with every next session. The exact number of sessions varies in individual cases and your doctor can best assess that. These sessions are spaced a few weeks apart from each other.
  • Is laser treatment for birthmarks safe? Laser treatment is 100 percent safe and is FDA approved treatment and furthermore, expertise and experience of cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists at Laser Skin Care Clinic make it an ideal treatment.
  • Are there any side effects? There are some minor and temporary side effects that are caused after every laser treatment which are temporary and very bearable. These side effects are bruising and redness that subsides within a week after treatment. Furthermore, you can also feel soreness or swelling that subsides in a couple of days. But all these symptoms are temporary and fade away at their own.

We also offer Laser treatments for Port Wine Stains in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. To learn more about laser Port wine stains treatment or to schedule a procedure, visit us at Laser Skin Care. Alternatively, you can sign up for a free online consultation by taking a minute to fill in the form given below.


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