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Warts are excess skin growths that form over the skin when a virus comes in contact with skin. They are commonly known as Human Papillomavirus or HPV. They occur when a wound comes in contact with warts’ virus. 

It is well-known that viruses can transfer from one person to another and even cover the entire body in no time. These viruses are often skin-colored but they can also be found in dark brown or black color. They have a rough texture and can be treated via Wart removal in Dubai. 

Are you the Ideal Candidate?

Warts can be extremely irritating and anyone can get sick and tired of warts growing all over their skin. Treatments are available but patients need to match certain parameters before undergoing Wart Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. 

The parameters for getting a wart removal include: 

  • The patient is suffering from warts. 
  • They need a permanent solution for warts. 
  • If they are taking Accutane, they shouldn’t undergo the treatment. 
  • The patient must not be suffering from any other skin infections. 

Which machine is used?

Here at Laser Skin Care, we use DEKA Smartxide Fractional CO2 Laser for wart removal in Dubai. This particular machine uses intense beams of light to burn and destroy wart tissues. 

Pre-Treatment Care:

Pre-treatment care is an important aspect of Wart Removal in Dubai. Here are some general guidelines provided by the dermatologist in Dubai: 

  • Avoid going out in direct sunlight. 
  • Always wear sunscreen. 
  • Fill in your prescriptions in advance. 
  • Avoid undergoing any other skin treatments for at least a month before the treatment. 
  • Discontinue the use of any creams containing retinoid in them. 

Treatment Options:

The following are the best options to choose from for wart removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. One of these options can be chosen depending on the type of warts and the preference of a dermatologist. 


This treatment option is chosen if the patient has one or two warts over their body. The dermatologist will cover the wart with Cantharidin. It will result in creating a blister underneath the wart. The dermatologist will ask the patient for a follow-up session after two weeks. Afterward, the dead wart will be removed. 


It was the most commonly performed treatment for adults, a few years back. Cryotherapy is also termed as freezing warts treatment. A series of freezing treatments required to treat warts completely. The downside of this procedure is that it is quite a painful procedure. It may even leave scars in people with darker skin tones.  

Laser Treatment for Warts Removal:

Laser Wart Removal in Dubai is the best option when it comes to treating a warts problem safely and effectively. Firstly, the treatment area numbed with an injection or a gel. Then, the skin exposed to intense laser beams that allow warts to burn away and destroy. 

Chemical Peels for Wart Removal

Chemical peels used to treat a particular type of wart i.e. flat wart. A chemical peel is applied on the skin and is allowed to sit there for about twenty minutes. It will remove the topmost layer of skin and get rid of the wart within a few sessions. 

Post Treatment Care:

Post-treatment care plays an important role in healing your skin after Wart Removal in Dubai. Here is a list of important post-treatment care instructions: 

  • Limit your sun exposure. 
  • Wear sunscreen regularly, even when indoors. 
  • Apply all the topical medications regularly. 
  • Do not pick at your skin. 
  • Avoid exfoliating the treated region for at least two weeks after the Laser treatment. 
  • Use gentle skincare products

Results of Warts Removal:

The Laser Warts Treatment has some mind-blowing effects. It burns and destroys all the wart tissues completely and permanently. You no longer have to hide behind long-sleeved shirts and jeans. Wear the clothes of your choice and be confident in your skin. 

Warts Removal in Dubai Warts Removal in Abu Dhabi Warts Removal Dubai Abu Dhabi 

Warts Removal Dubai Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

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