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Acne usually occurs on the areas of skin where there are most oil glands. It shows up in the form of red, inflamed blemishes that first get filled with pus and then generally appear on the facial skin. These lesions may also appear on the neck, chest, upper arms, and shoulders.

Severe acne can result in too many deep-rooted blemishes on the affected area. These blemishes remain in place for a long time and are usually painful. And when they subside, they leave behind acne scars.

Fortunately, multiple treatment options are available to help you eliminate acne blemishes sooner than later. This way, you can prevent them from staying on the skin for long enough to cause unsightly scars.

What causes acne?

The cause of acne is the clogging of skin pores and hair follicles. Our skin produces natural oil, called sebum. Sometimes, this oil is produced in excessive amounts. This oil, along with dirt, grime, and p.acne bacteria, gets trapped in open skin pores. This clogging prevents the neutralization of the bacteria in the pores, causing inflammation after some time.

Therefore, you should always cleanse and hydrate your skin with a gentle moisturizer to avoid any triggers that cause acne.

Treatment Options

There are numerous options to treat skin acne. The most common options include topical treatments, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and Fotona. We provide all these treatments at Laser Skin Care Clinic. Here is a brief overview of these treatments.

Topical Treatments

Topical applications are generally the first defense against acne as they kill bacteria and unclog skin pores. Retinoids and antibiotic creams are commonly used to treat pimples, including ones caused by acne.

That said, topical treatments are effective only for mild to moderate acne. In rare cases, the doctor may opt for isotretinoin, which is a little more aggressive option than other topical treatments.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are also an effective Acne Removal Treatment. During this topical therapy, a skin doctor applies a chemical peeling solution to the skin with acne symptoms in a controlled medical environment and lets it sit there for some time before wiping off. The efficacy of this treatment depends on the strength of the peel. Usually, the doctor determines the peel’s strength as per the individual’s requirement. Chemical peels are also an effective treatment option to remove mild to moderate acne scars.


Laser Skin Care Clinic offers microdermabrasion as one of the solutions to treat acne. Our dermatologist uses a hand-held device that shoots tiny crystals onto the skin to buff its top layer when administering this treatment. This device is connected to a central machine that creates a pressure blow of air to blast away those crystals onto the skin.

The skin exfoliation performed by microdermabrasion rids the clogged pores of dead skin cells and excess oil to treat skin acne.


Fotona refers to a laser therapy that helps achieve various skin rejuvenation goals. Our dermatologists use this medical-grade laser system on ND: YAG configuration when treating acne. This setting produces a light beam that penetrates the epidermis and heats enlarged sebaceous glands causing acne. At the same time, this heat accelerates collagen production, promoting healthy tissues that take over acne. This treatment also involves using Er: YAG laser, which is a viable acne scar treatment.

Pre- and Post-Procedural Instructions

The pre- and post-op instructions depend on the proposed treatment of acne. Therefore, patients must consult with their doctors to learn these instructions and follow them to avoid any mishaps.

Before and After Results

The treatment options we use at our clinic kill the bacteria inside the blemishes and pimples to relieve acne and its symptoms. Usually, it takes a few days before the inflammation subsides entirely and the scabs fall off.

Treated pimples may leave behind slight marks, which fade over time and completely vanish within a few weeks.

acne treatment before and after

Benefits of Acne Treatment

Some practical benefits of Acne Treatment include the following:

  • All treatment options mentioned above are virtually non-surgical and noninvasive.
  • The said procedures do not cause any pain or discomfort.
  • There is minimal downtime.
  • Recovery is generally rapid.

Acne Treatment Cost in Dubai

Since so many treatment options for acne are available, it is impossible to describe their costs with a single figure. However, on average, the prices range from AED 475 to AED 3500.

Generally, your doctor determines the exact price during the initial consultation, depending on the selected treatment for your acne.

Acne Treatment F.A.Q.s

How can you clear up your acne fast?

There are different ways of clearing facial acne. Patients should start by maintaining a healthy diet and washing their facial skin regularly. They can also try some home remedies to get rid of acne. However, the best way to quickly eliminate acne is by getting Acne Treatment from a reputable clinic.

What is the best treatment for acne?

Your doctor will determine the best acne treatment after analyzing the severity and type of your acne. Usually, a dermatologist determines the best treatment for acne during the initial consultation. However, Laser Acne Removal has proved beneficial for many patients. Still, always consult an expert before starting any treatment to remove acne.

Can acne be removed permanently?

Acne is most common among teenagers hitting puberty. However, their acne is not permanent and usually subsides on its own after some time. Adults can also get acne due to multiple reasons. The good thing is many treatments are available that can remove adult acne permanently. Options like chemical peels and Fotona are among the most effective treatments for acne removal. These treatments also help with acne scar removal.

How do dermatologists remove acne?

A dermatologist analyzes the patient's acne and then determines a suitable acne removal treatment plan. Depending on the patient's condition, they may recommend a topical cream, chemical peels, or Fotona.

How do I know if I have hormonal acne?

Acne and hormones are directly related. Generally, most patients suffer from acne during puberty, pregnancy, menopause, etc., all of which involve a lot of hormonal activity. In other words, hormonal acne is when you show the symptoms of acne due to hormonal fluctuation in your body.

What is the best acne spot treatment for sensitive skin?

Although many acne spot removal medicines are available, most provide short-term results. Some of them only work when used continuously. And as soon as you stop those medications, acne symptoms reappear. On the other hand, clinical treatments help remove these blemishes permanently. One of such options that we use at our clinic in Dubai is Permanent Laser Treatment. It provides long-lasting results without any severe complications.

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