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Plexr Treatment in Dubai

Aging signs can be unsightly, thus making you less than attractive. The most common aging signs include wrinkles, fine lines, smile lines, frown lines, and drooping eyelids. While these signs do not get reversed on their own, you can choose from some treatments to achieve this cosmetic goal. Among many other options, you can get Plexr treatment in Dubai, which has become quite popular lately.

What is Plexr Treatment – Plasma Soft Surgery?

Plexr – the short-term for Plasma EXeResis – is a non-invasive anti-aging treatment. It mainly uses plasma to help with an eyebrow lift, neck lift, eyelid correction, facelift, skin tightening, and reducing lesions on the skin. This treatment is popular among a vast population because it doesn’t involve cuts and incisions. So, you won’t get any scars afterward.

Plexr treatment mainly uses plasma – the fourth state of matter – administered through wireless handheld devices. The beam of plasma created from these devices causes the treated part of the epidermis to the sublime, leading to a quicker recovery and skin tautness. The best part is the tissues underneath the epidermis remain safe from plasma and heat during this treatment.

Aim of the Treatment

Plexr can help achieve the following cosmetic goals:

  • Reducing aging signs
  • Making you look more youthful
  • Achieving anti-aging goals without cuts and scars
  • Improving skin texture
  • Skin rejuvenation

Who can Get Plexr Treatment?

Plexr will benefit your skin only when you fulfill its candidacy criteria. So, it is best if you discuss these criteria with our qualified dermatologists and practitioners to determine if you can get this treatment. Here is a list of a few factors that make you the right candidate for Plexr in Dubai.

  • You are in overall good mental and physical health.
  • have realistic expectations from this treatment.
  • want to look more youthful without having cuts and scars on your face.
  • You are not willing to get downtime after the treatment.

Pre-Op Instructions

Although Plexr doesn’t involve a significant surgical intervention, it still requires you to adhere to pre-op care steps. Generally, the practitioner will let you know about any specific steps to follow. For now, let’s discuss the most common steps.

  • First off, discuss the medication you are currently on with your surgeon. Tell them if you are taking any blood thinners or antibiotics. Also, tell them if you have any active skin infections, such as cold sores.
  • Since you will be dealing with crusting in the treatment area after the procedure, be sure to take some time off from work in advance.

How is it Performed?

Here is a summary of the procedure involved in Plexr treatment in Dubai.

  • Before starting the procedure, the surgeon will apply a local anesthetic solution to the treatment area. The amount and type of this solution will depend on the procedure type.
  • Once the treatment area is numb, the surgeon will administer plasma through the plasma device. This plasma generates heat that causes the treated tiny spot to vaporize. This treatment targets only the top skin layer, and the tissues below this layer won’t get affected.
  • The Plexr treatment usually concludes in 30 minutes. But the duration may depend on several factors, like the severity of the problem and the area being treated.

Procedures Performed with Plexr Treatment

Plexr can help address several issues and, so, is classified into different procedures. Here is a brief overview of those procedures.

Plexr for Eyelid Lift

Also referred to as a non-surgical alternative to blepharoplasty, this Plexr procedure reduces sagginess in the top and bottom eyelids. The plasma energy helps tighten the skin on the treated area and reduces wrinkles around the eyes.

Plexr for fine lines and wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are notorious aging signs that can be pretty unsightly on the face, neck, and other visible body areas. Fortunately, Plexr treatment can help reduce these aging signs, giving you a more youthful appearance. On top of that, this treatment produces a similar outcome as its surgical counterparts minus the invasiveness.

Plexr for Lip and smile lines

Lip and smile lines make you look aged by changing your facial appearance. Like other aging signs, this superficial skin issue is also treatable with Plexr in Dubai.

Plexr for Scars

The plasma energy used in the Plexr treatment causes skin tissues to convert into gas. This characteristic makes Plexr treatment an ideal solution for scars because of acne or any other skin issue. When directed on the scars, the plasma energy causes the formation of a crust that falls off in a few days, giving you a scar-free skin surface.

Plexr for Stretch Marks

Plexr treatment can help reduce stretch marks just as it eliminates scars. The plasma energy boosts tissue production, reversing stretch marks. However, you may need more than one session to get the desired results.

Post-Op Instructions

Aftercare plays a vital role in treatment success. Failing to take care of the treated area and not following your dermatologist’s instructions can adversely affect your skin. Here is a list of aftercare instructions you must follow.

  • After treatment, there will be tiny crusts on the treated area. Be sure not to pick at those crusts, or you will end up developing scars.
  • Wash the treated site with soap, pat it dry, and apply an antiseptic solution as directed. Repeat this step twice a day.
  • Stay away from sunlight for at least two months after the Plexr treatment. If you have to go out, apply sunscreen to the treated area.
  • The crusts will crack and begin to ooze after some time. When this happens, avoid picking at those crusts.
  • Avoid using any skincare products other than those prescribed by your dermatologist.


Plexr treatment will result in the formation of scabs on the treated area. There may also be some redness in the skin around the plasma-treated dots. Both these byproducts subside in a few weeks.

Some patients experience swelling in the treated region. But applying cold compresses can help deal with that swelling and pain.


The treatment results will start showing up after the initial recovery, which may last up to two weeks. The final results depend on the area treated, the amount of skin sagginess, and, of course, the dermatologist’s expertise. In the end, you will get taut and wrinkle-free skin in the treated area, provided that everything goes well during and after the procedure.

Plexr Treatment FAQs

Is Plexr treatment safe?

Although Plexr is considered soft surgery, it is significantly less invasive compared to other surgical procedures. This treatment doesn't also result in stitches and scars. All in all, it is a safe treatment for many skin-related aging concerns.

Is Plexr a laser?

The short answer to this question is no. Unlike laser treatment, Plexr does not cause skin damage. Also, Plexr carries no risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. And this treatment is compatible with all skin types. On the other hand, the laser uses a minimal amount of skin damage to accelerate recovery. And the inflammation it causes may create a dark pigment in the treated area.

How Long Does Plexr Treatment Last?

Getting Plexr treatment is much like reversing your skin's aging clock. The results of this treatment typically last five years, after which fine lines and wrinkles start to reappear. However, since it is a non-invasive treatment with significantly fewer risks of side effects, you can get it again when aging signs recur.

How Long Does it Take for Plexr to Work?

Some results of Plexr treatment are visible instantly. Other results, however, usually appear in three to six weeks after the procedure.

Plexr Treatment Cost in Dubai

The price of Plexr treatment mainly depends on the procedure you undergo. Other factors that dictate the price of this treatment include the dermatologist’s expertise and the amount of correction required.

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Plexr treatment in Dubai is one of the best methods to eliminate aging signs on different facial areas. While Plexr is a surgical procedure, it is significantly less invasive than other surgical treatments used for the same purpose. However, the choice of your dermatologist plays a vital role.

At Laser Skin Care Clinic, we offer Plexr treatment from the hands of highly skilled dermatologists. If you want to know more about the procedure we use, fill out the form below to book a consultation.

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