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Post Surgical Scars

Scars are unsightly marks on the skin occurring as a result of trauma, injury, accident, or surgery. There are various kinds of scars, and post-surgical scars are one of them. In most cases, post-surgical scars fade away on their own. However, sometimes, they require proper treatment. There are various treatments to get rid of post-surgical scars like creams and ointments, scar removal, and laser treatment. However, Laser Skin Care Clinic Dubai specializes in Post Surgical Scars Treatment in Dubai to help you get rid of these unsightly scars on your body.

What are post-surgical scars?

A post-surgical scar is formed as a result of surgery in which incisions are involved. In most cases, they start fading within a couple of months. However, in some cases, they become even worse and expand like keloid scars. Such scars look unpleasant on your body, However, Post Surgical scar treatments can help you get rid of them in no time.

Aim of treatment

The aims of Post surgical Scar treatments include

  • Scar reduction – The treatments are aimed at reducing the appearance and size of the scars
  • Reduce Tightness – The treatments reduce the tightness, hardness, or stiffness of the skin caused by scars.
  • Prevent Scar growth – Some scars keep growing and this can become a cause of concern. Post-surgical scar treatments aim to hinder the development of scar tissues.

Who is an ideal candidate?

  • You are an ideal candidate for surgical scar treatments in Dubai if
  • You are bothered by Scars Leftover after surgery
  • You are in good health and you do not have any skin conditions.
  • You do not have skin acne
  • Your scars have matured, and the wound healing is complete.

Before and After Results

The results of surgical scar treatments are long-lasting. To see the results, you will have to wait until the tissues heal and the swelling subsides. It usually takes a week for the results to appear, in some cases months and a year. The treatment results are not the same for everyone.

Post Surgical Scars Dubai & Abu Dhabi Post Surgical Scars in Abu Dhabi Post Surgical Scars in Dubai


Treatment Options for Post-Surgical Scars

The treatment options for post surgical scars include surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Surgical Treatments

Incision Placement

Incision placement is one of the treatment methods through which the appearance of scars is reduced. The treatment involves incision placement on the affected area to either hide the scars or reduce their appearance.

The location of the incision is decided by expert surgeons who are highly qualified at performing the procedure. The appearance of a scar caused by breast lift surgery can be reduced by making an incision on the crease of the breast.

Skin Grafting

Skin grafting involves the placement of a piece of skin on scars. Initially, the scar tissue is removed and then a healthy piece of skin is taken from a body part. This piece of skin is then attached to the affected area to reduce the appearance of scars.

The skin graft is usually taken from areas that are cosmetically less important, such as Buttocks, and inner thighs. Skin grafting is ideal to be performed for large scar revision.


Z-Plasty is a plastic surgery performed to improve the functional and cosmetic appearance of scars. In this technique, the location of a scar is redirected into better alignment with the natural skin fold. The scar can also be redirected to the lines of least tension to reduce its appearance on the skin.

The treatment involves the creation of two triangular flaps that are equal in dimension, these flaps are then transposed. The length and angle of each flap are identical, this helps in avoiding mismatched flaps that are difficult to close.

Tissue handling

This treatment is designed to minimize tissue damage. The soft tissues are atraumatically handled with fine-toothed forceps and skin hooks. Minimal manipulation and good hydration of wounds promote wound healing and prevent scarring.

Layered Wound Repair

Layered repair involves the use of absorbable sutures to bring the dermis and subcutaneous tissues closer. The procedure helps in closing the dead space and relieves tension in the epidermis.

After the procedure, there is less tension in the epidermis, and thus the cosmetic appearance of the treated skin improves.

Fusiform elliptical excision

This treatment is ideal for reversing a matured, depressed, and spread scar. The treatment involves a fusiform elliptical incision to reverse the scar. The angle of the fusiform should be 30 degrees to prevent the formation of dog-ear.

Extramarginal and Intramarginal scars

Extramarginal scar excision involves the removal of small scar tissues. This helps the normal tissue take over the treated area thereby reducing the appearance of scars.

Intramarginal scar excision is performed for reversing wide and rounded scars that are caused by burns or ulcers. These scars can not be reversed in one sitting and multiple treatment sessions are performed at the interval of 6-12 sessions.

The treatment method is useful for facial scars and the aim is to preserve normal skin as much as possible.

Non-Surgical and Laser Treatments

Non-surgical and Laser treatments for Post Surgical scar revision include treatment options such as camouflage, topical therapy, Cryotherapy, ablative laser resurfacing, Non-ablative laser resurfacing, and soft tissue fillers.


This treatment involves camouflaging the scars to hinder their appearance. Makeup, hair accessories, and tattoos can be used above the scars. This reduces their appearance and makes your skin look error-free.

Topical therapy

Topical therapy involves the use of chemicals that are applied to the skin. Hyperpigmented scars are lightened through hydroquinone, kojic acid, alpha hydroxyl acid, and retinoic acid.

Silicone gel for scars and silicone sheet is also used to improve body contours, texture, and the appearance of the scar. The topical application of mitomycin can improve hypertrophic scars and keloids.

Intralesional Cryotherapy

This treatment is used for keloid scars and it involves freezing the scars from the inside. The treatment reduces the appearance and volume of the scars.

Non-Ablative laser treatment

Non-ablative laser treatments are performed to reduce the redness of the scars by destroying the blood vessels. The treatment stimulates collagen remodeling and softens the scars.

Ablative Laser Resurfacing

This treatment is performed to reduce the appearance of superficial scars through the ablation technique. Raised edges of the scars are ablated through erbium: Yag laser. The fractional CO2 laser is also used which stimulates collagen remodeling.

Soft Tissue Fillers

Soft tissue fillers can be used to fill depressed scars. Bovine collagen, fat and hydrochloric acid, homologous human collagen, and other synthetic fillers can be used to reduce the appearance of scars.

Aftercare and Recovery

The aftercare depends on the treatment technique used for post-surgical scar revision. Usually, surgical procedures need more care compared to non-surgical procedures.

Most patients who have had non-surgical procedures can go back to their homes right after the treatment. However, surgical treatments might require an overnight stay in the clinic.

If you had surgical treatment, you are advised to avoid strenuous exercises. You might also have to visit the clinic after routine checkups.

Follow these steps for a speedy recovery after the treatment:

  • Increase intake of vitamin C
  • Add protein to your diet.
  • Apply medicated creams on the treated area.
  • Moisturize the scar with a medicated cream or aloe vera.

Cost Range

The Starting cost of Post Surgical Scar treatment in Dubai is, 1000 AED. However, the exact will be determined after your initial consultation with our experts. Some of the cost-determinant factors include

  • Type of treatment
  • Condition of scars
  • Clinic’s location.
  • Expertise of practitioner

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