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DMK Enzyme Therapy is not a regular facial. It helps unclog pores, dissolve impurities and dead cells trapped within the skin. However, it also works deep within the skin by restoring oxygen and vital cellular nutrition. Moreover, it stimulates collagen production and acts as a detox for the face. It also tightens and lifts the skin, making it firm, radiant, and glowing. If one of your goals is to slow down or reverse the aging process, consider the DMK Facial.

Aim of the Treatment

In general, the DMK Enzyme Facial works to:

  • create plumper looking skin by encouraging collagen production
  • break down dead skin cells
  • promote healthy skin function by increasing cellular activity
  • reduce redness and breakouts by improving lymphatic drainage
  • flush the skin with essential nutrients

Who is the ideal candidate?

The DMK Enzyme Therapy is ideal for a person with:

Types of DMK Treatments

There are three types of DMK Treatments in Dubai designed to restore the skin’s health and optimal functioning with instant results. The treatments are:

  • Aesthetic Lift or the A-Lift®
  • Muscle Banding
  • Body Enzyme Therapy

Aesthetic Lift or the A-Lift®

The A-Lift® is a skin fitness regime that takes 12 weeks, and it is highly effective. It restores the skin’s health to its peak and reverses aging signs. Moreover, the treatment removes redundant dead skin cells while strengthening and tightening the facial muscles. It also reduces redness on the skin and works from the cellular level of the skin.

Muscle Banding

It is an age management treatment designed to slow down the signs of aging from manifesting rapidly. It firms and lifts the skin instantly while banding the facial muscles.

Body Enzyme Therapy

This type of treatment not only works on the face but can work anywhere on the body. It is designed for the treatment of specific areas of the body. This treatment helps the skin function at its peak while also contours and firms the body. Moreover, it tightens loose skin and smoothes out bumps and wrinkles, and improves uneven skin tone.

How does DMK Enzyme Therapy work?

The DMK Therapy acts on three critical systems in the body, including:

  1. The Facial Muscles
  2. The Blood Vessels
  3. The Lymphatic System

The Facial Muscles

During the therapy, the facial muscles are stimulated, enabling them to become firmer, tighter, and yielding younger-looking skin. The facial muscles tone and tighten on their own without any form of physical exercise. As a result, patients get smoother, firmer, and tighter skin.

The Blood Vessels

In order for the skin to function properly, it needs to have a rich supply of blood and properly working healthy blood vessels. DMK Enzyme Therapy dilates the facial blood vessels, improving the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the skin, thereby nourishing it.

The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is the blood filtering system. It comprises a network of lymph nodes, lymph vessels, and lymph found throughout the body. When the lymph drainage takes effect, the patient feels a pulsating and tightening of the enzyme masque. This effect is known as the Plasmatic Effect, a rush of fresh oxygenated blood within the skin due to the dilated capillaries. The effect can be seen on the neck and face.


During the procedure, the dermatologist analyzes and cleanses the patient’s skin. He/she detoxifies the skin and, if necessary, exfoliates it as well. After prepping the skin, he/she will apply an enzyme masque, which is made to suit the patient’s skin. This masque is applied to the patient’s face, neck, and décolletage and left for 45 minutes. Once the masque becomes dry, hard, and tight, it is removed with hot towels, and the skin is cleansed. In order to complete the treatment, a series of DMK’s signature serums are applied to the face.

Before and After Results

DMK Enzyme Therapy in Abu Dhabi DMK Enzyme Therapy in Dubai & Abu Dhabi DMK Enzyme Therapy in Dubai Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

DMK Enzyme Therapy in Dubai


DMK Enzyme Therapy has the following benefits:

  • It is an instant, natural facelift.
  • It tightens, tones, and strengthens the skin.
  • The procedure improves the skin texture.
  • It gets rid of acne and impurities trapped underneath the skin.
  • This treatment reduces pigmentation and improves uneven skin tone.
  • It softens rough and dry skin.
  • The patient can get rid of visible scars.
  • It also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • The treatment also offers skin tightening of the sagging skin.
  • It stimulates the facial muscles, detoxifies the skin, and gives it a glow.

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