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Dynamic Muscle Activation

The Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) in Dubai treatment is the latest breakthrough in the cosmetic industry. It uses radiofrequency technology for skin rejuvenation and body contouring. Moreover, it effectively treats wrinkles, fine lines, and other aging signs. This cutting-edge, non-surgical, and minimally invasive treatment is ideal for toning muscles and enhancing facial appearance. Due to its non-surgical and minimally invasive nature, DMA has become a relatively in-demand treatment among patients of different ages.

What is Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA)?

The Dynamic Muscle Activation Treatment is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that helps improve the skin’s appearance. It makes changes in the three layers of the skin, including:

  • fat layer
  • dermal layer
  • muscle layer

These three layers are responsible for the skin’s firmness, tone, and youthfulness. So, it is essential to treat the skin at all these levels to get the desired red.

Who is the ideal candidate?

The Dynamic Muscle Activation Facial helps people from different walks of life. Anyone can be the ideal candidate if they want to:

  • reduce body fat
  • improve body contours
  • enhance facial contours
  • reduce facial wrinkles
  • tighten the facial skin
  • reduce cellulite
  • remove stretch marks

Machine We Use

At Laser Skin Care Clinic, we use OGM Pollogen Legend for performing Dynamic Muscle Activation Facial.

How does it work?

The Dynamic Muscle Activation Treatment stimulates blood circulation in the body. It also stimulates the muscle as well as the lymphatic system. As a result, the metabolic waste byproducts become oxygenated and detoxified.

DMA allows the practitioner to control the power, depth, and duration of treatment on all tissue levels. Due to complete control, each patient can get a treatment tailored to his/her needs. So, the treatment provides unparallel results, and patients can enjoy removing antiaging signs.

Does muscle activation therapy work?

Generally, Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) is an effective and efficient treatment that helps patients enhance body contours. It is a highly effective treatment that gives promising results to those wanting to improve their facial and body contours.

Application of DMA

The Dynamic Muscle Activation Treatment is mainly used for two purposes, i.e., for facial and body treatments.

Facial Treatments

DMA is an efficient antiaging treatment. It stimulates the platysma and superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS). As a result, the muscles are lifted, toned, and contoured. Moreover, TriPollar is a well-known treatment that uses Radiofrequency and DMA for skin tightening.

Body Treatments

Dynamic Muscle Activation is an excellent fat removal and body contouring treatment. It applies double pressure from inside as well as outside. Internally, it stimulates the muscles, and externally it applies pressure at the same time. As a result, the excess fats are released from adipose cells. Eventually, it reduces fat, enhances skin firmness, and tones and contours the treatment area.


The Dynamic Muscle Activation Facial has various benefits. Some of these benefits are mentioned below: 

  • The procedure is non-surgical and minimally invasive.
  • The treatment helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and other aging signs.
  • This procedure is excellent for removing excess fat from the body.
  • It contours the body as well as the face.
  • The results are immediately noticeable and long-lasting.
  • It improves the overall appearance.

Dynamic Muscle Activation Cost in Dubai

There is no fixed price for Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) in Dubai. Generally, the cost varies from patient to patient because it depends on different variable factors. Only a doctor can determine the final price. So, patients must consult with an expert to learn the cost of this treatment.

Our Experts

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