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Aging causes your skin to lose fat and become saggy as a result of a reduction in two important skin proteins i.e. collagen and elastin.

At Laser Skin Care Clinic in Dubai, we use the Silhouette Soft® thread lift technique to help you look younger with smooth and firmer skin. The process is nonsurgical and quick uplifting and tightening your saggy skin in a more natural way. It can also be called the collagen thread-lifting technique since it stimulates the production of collagen(skin-tightening protein) in your skin

What is a thread lift?

Thread lifting is a facial rejuvenation technique that uses barbed sutures(a special thread used for stitching wounds) to tighten your skin. The threads dissolve in your skin with time and stimulate collagen production. The effects can last up to a year after which you will need another treatment.

We use Silhouette Soft® Thread lift at our clinic. This technique has been observed to decrease dimpling(thread doesn’t absorb well in your skin and can be seen clearly) and wound sensitivity.

How does thread lifting work?

Thread lifting is the insertion of coned/barbed sutures in your skin with the help of needles. During the treatment, a suture is inserted into your skin through a needle. The suture repositions your facial tissues from within the skin giving you tighter firmer skin in that area.

The Silhouette Soft® face thread also contains Poly L lactic acid that stimulates the growth of collagen.

Who’s the ideal candidate for thread lifting?

The following factors make you a good candidate for this procedure

  • Having saggy skin as a result of weight loss, pregnancy, or aging.
  • Facial wrinkles, smile lines, and excessive skin on your lower jaw.
  • Looking for long-lasting (6-12 months) results and lesser side effects as compared to other treatments for skin tightening.
  • Having strong bony projections and thick skin.
  • Not having skin diseases or infections.
  • Not being pregnant.
  • Have had a threading facelift or neck lift in the past and want to improve it.

Pre-treatment measures

  • Examining the patient’s skin for thread lifting.
  • Checking the medical history of the patient’s skin and if the patient has any current skin diseases.
  • Proper examination of the area and evaluation of the patient’s expectations from the treatment.
  • Choosing the right thread type for your skin as wrong threads can cause problems.
  • Avoid taking any medicines that may increase bleeding.
  • Taking the patient’s consent and photographs of before and after results.


  • The areas are marked where thread lifting is to be done and the patient is seated.
  • Topical anesthesia is applied on the targeted skin.
  • An 18-gauge needle is inserted into the skin perpendicularly.
  • The suture is inserted into the skin through the needle and the needle is removed from the skin.
  • When the suture is inside, a 23-gauge guiding needle is inserted at a depth of 5 mm in the skin to guide the suture in the desired direction.
  • After successfully inserting the suture inside, apply gentle pressure on the skin to adjust the suture and to detect if it’s in the right place.
  • The patient is checked for any signs of pain or discomfort. If he/she experiences any pain, the sutures are readjusted in the right position.

Post-treatment measures

  • Icing the area for at least 30 minutes and applying skin-soothing creams.
  • Too much pressure to stop bleeding should be avoided as this can dislocate the sutures.
  • Slight wrinkling of the area may happen which resolves within 3 days.
  • Any activity that puts pressure on the site should be avoided for at least one week after the procedure.

Thread-lifting techniques

There are many threads for this treatment such as

  • Polydioxanone (PDO threads) are another dissolvable threads that produce quick but short-lasting results. These threads are commonly used in the HIKO nose thread lift technique to beautify your nose.
  • Mono threads are straight and plain threads. They are not that effective and stay for a short time in the skin tissue. Also, their insertion technique differs from other threads.
  • The Fox eye thread lift technique lifts your eyebrows by inserting threads in the corner of your eyebrows. The process is painful and leaves you with permanent scars. Therefore, it is not recommended.
  • Cog threads are a type of PDO thread having needle-like projections along it. It is inserted in the skin through needles to lift cheeks, jaw skin, etc.

Other Treatment Options


Work by increasing the cell division in the skin and promoting collagen growth. Also, they moisturize and protect against UV rays.


Radiofrequency uses a non-ablative technique to promote collagen contraction in the skin’s lower layer leading to tighter skin. This technique targets only specific types of wrinkles.

Intense pulsed light (IPL)

Similar to laser therapy except that it covers more area. A high-wavelength light beam is focused on the target to minimize wrinkles. More treatment sessions are required.


Uses a laser beam (CO2 or Nd: Yag) for facial rejuvenation. Considered safe and effective. In some cases, skin infections have been reported.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels Use specific chemicals to damage the upper or lower layer of your skin to promote the development of new and younger skin with no wrinkles. Commonly used chemicals include salicylic acid, tretinoin acid, and trichloroacetic acid. scarring, infection, and skin diseases are possible. Needs to be repeated several times.


Microneedling injures the skin in a controlled way resulting in elastin and collagen(skin tightening agents) production. Slight pain and skin infections are expected.

Botox injections

Botulinum toxin A is injected through a needle into your skin that prevents the muscle in that area to receive chemical signals from the brain. As a result, the skin in that area doesn’t age for a definite period. The treatment lasts for at least 3-6 months.

Facelift surgery

Includes the alteration of skin’s lower levels surgically. The muscles, tissue, or fats in the skin are altered and the skin is closed. The process is highly demanded but comes with complications such as postoperative bleeding and permanent scars. A good alternative can be Non-Surgical Facelift.


Patients can expect outstanding results from a Facial Thread Lift. They will get rid of aging signs, sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Moreover, they will get a lift in their facial features. They will also get a toned face. This procedure is ideal for anyone who wants to look young and attractive.


The best Thread Lift Dubai comes with many benefits. Some benefits are mentioned below:

  • The procedure has minimal to no downtime.
  • A Thread Lift is an effective and safe treatment.
  • It will effectively lift the skin.
  • Aging signs (wrinkles, fine lines, saggy skin) will reduce after this procedure.
  • The minimally invasive procedure comes with less pain.
  • It will define the facial texture and features.

Thread Lift Cost in Dubai

The exact Thread Lift price is difficult to determine because it depends on certain factors

  • Practitioner’s expertise
  • Quality of facilities at the clinic
  • Clinic’s geographical location
  • The technique used for thread lift
  • Desired results
  • Number of sessions

Generally, only an expert can determine the exact cost of the thread lift procedure. So, consult our experts today to learn the treatment price in your case.

Thread Lift FAQs

How long does thread lift last?

The results of a thread lift become noticeable after 4-6 months. Usually, these results last for 12-36 months (one to three years). Although a facelift results last longer than a thread lift, the thread lift procedure is minimally invasive and non-surgical.

Is thread lift permanent?

The short answer is NO. A thread lift does not provide permanent results, but the results can last from 1-3 years without any complications. Even though a facelift offers results that last longer than this treatment, they aren't permanent either.

How many times can you have a thread lift?

The results of a thread lift can easily last for 1-3 years. So you can undergo a thread lift in Dubai after this period if you are healthy. However, only an expert professional can guide the patient about when and how many times they can have the treatment.

Is a thread lift painful?

Topical anesthesia is applied before inserting the sutures. So there is a minimum chance of pain. You may experience mild pain in your skin when recovering from the treatment.

Can thread lift break?

Although extremely unlikely, the threads used in a thread lift can break during or after the procedure. However, the thread can only break during the first two weeks and not after that. So, the patient must be careful during this period.

Do threads remain inside after thread lift?

Some threads are absorbed in the skin while some are non-absorbable. At Laser Skin Care Clinic we use absorbable Silhouette Soft® threads for your skin.

How long is the recovery time of thread lift in Dubai

The threads dissolve in 3-6 months after which the patient has their desired results. Some swelling or itching is may happen in some cases which goes away on its own in a few weeks. However, if it persists contact your doctor immediately.

Does thread have any side effects?

Minor complications are expected such as post-procedural pain, swelling, skin discoloration, itching, and redness of the skin. Most of these symptoms resolve on their own in a few weeks. Always do proper research about the type of thread suitable for your skin type. Also, it is very important to check the expertise of the doctor to avoid any major harms.

Why should I get thread lift?

If you have facial wrinkles, smile line, excessive skin on your lower jaw, or saggy skin after pregnancy and you think it’s hindering your beauty, you think that fixing them will give you more confidence then thread lifting is one of the efficient methods today to help you have a tight younger skin.

Can it be done for eye wrinkles?

Yes, it is suitable for all areas of your face. Wrinkles around your eyes and nose can be reduced using eye threads and nose thread-lifting techniques.

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