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Research and development in the world of cosmetic procedures have yielded excellent results. Nowadays, almost all skin conditions can be easily treated with different cosmetic treatments. However, most people seek non-surgical procedures due to a lack of severe side effects and shorter downtime. Microdermabrasion Dubai is a combination treatment that brings the best of microdermabrasion and ultrasound treatments. It is a minimally invasive treatment that can correct a number of skin conditions.

Aim of the Treatment

Microdermabrasion in Dubai can help treat a number of skin problems. Some conditions that this treatment aims to resolve include the following:

Pre-Procedural Instructions

Patients must keep the following instructions in mind while preparing for Microdermabrasion Treatment in Dubai:

  • Avoid blood thinners for at least a week or two before the procedure.
  • Discontinue using topical applications containing Retin A, retinol, alpha, and beta hydroxyl acids.
  • Use skincare products recommended by the dermatologist only.
  • Avoid hair removal via waxing, threading, as well as depilatories.
  • Do not exfoliate your face or apply facial masks a week before the procedure.
  • Limit sun exposure and strictly avoid tanning, even with tanning lotions.
  • Do not wear makeup or any other skincare product on the day of treatment.


The procedure of Microdermabrasion in Dubai is relatively simple. It works by exfoliating the top layer of skin with the help of tiny crystals. These crystals are sprayed onto the skin by a handheld device. However, unlike Dermabrasion and Dermaroller, the treatment is minimally invasive. Moreover, the process allows the skin to grow healthier and boosts collagen and elastin levels.

The ultrasound works at a deeper level in the skin. Therefore, it creates the ideal set of conditions for collagen levels to be boosted. When the two techniques combine, the results are much better than when these are used individually.

Before and After Results


Cost of Microdermabrasion with Ultrasound

The Microdermabrasion treatment cost varies significantly from one patient to another. Generally, there are several cost-determining factors for this treatment. Some cost-determinants include:

  • the geographical location of the clinic/facility
  • doctor’s expertise as well as qualification
  • clinic/facility’s reputation
  • size of the treatment area
  • number of sessions required

Usually, people prefer to get Microdermabrasion Treatment in Dubai because it is affordable, and the results are long-lasting and effective. Moreover, Microdermabrasion benefits are far more than its side effects.

Microdermabrasion FAQs

Is this treatment painful?

Microdermabrasion Treatment in Dubai is a minimally invasive procedure that does not cause any pain. However, patients may feel little discomfort during the procedure. To keep the procedure pain-free, topical anesthesia or a cooling gel is used. As a result, patients do not feel any discomfort during the procedure.

How many sessions needed?

The number of sessions required for Microdermabrasion in Dubai varies in individual cases. Generally, five to six sessions are enough for most skin problems. However, the doctor can determine the exact number of sessions required during the initial consultation. It is essential to maintain a sufficient gap between these sessions to avoid possible skin damage.

Is there any downtime?

The treatment is a lunchtime procedure, and there is no downtime. You can get back to work soon after the session concludes with necessary caution. However, it is a good idea to rest if you can since it allows a quicker recovery.


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