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We often read “cosmetic surgery gone wrong” stories in the newspaper and on the internet. The truth is, the success rate for qualified and experienced surgeons is high. The problem starts when a patient insists on too much change in a given part of the body. When a patient wants to obtain results that are not recommended by the surgeon, the results are shocking.

The Laser Skin Care Clinic always puts the safety of the patients first. All of our treatments are designed around safety, and it is tried to deliver the best possible results. As a matter of fact, cosmetic treatments require particular expertise from the surgeon and care from the patient. In other words, a person with the proper qualification and experience can deliver the desired results.

It is true that patient safety is a collective responsibility of everyone involved in the process. For example, in general, nurses, surgeons, administrative staff, and patients are responsible for patient safety in a typical cosmetic procedure. If any of these stakeholders do not do what it takes to ensure the patient’s safety, the patient may suffer. Nevertheless, the Laser Skin Care Clinic wants to give the patients peace of mind. The Laser Skin Care Clinic will try to do anything to solve any problem caused due to our negligence.

We are proud to mention that we have a high success rate in the industry, thanks to the tireless efforts of our surgeons, nurses, and administrative staff members. The avoidable complication rarely occurs if and we are not always responsible for it. Nonetheless, the patient safety assurance from the Laser Skin Care Clinic includes the following:

What Includes in Our Patient Safety Policy

How does the Safety Assurance Work?

We understand that making sure the safety of the patient is our responsibility. That is why we always take care of our patients in the best possible way. Some unexpected complications often take place due to some reasons. Whether we are responsible for complications or not, our policy is to do what it takes to fix those complications. Though we always try to cooperate with the patient, it is essential to mention that the responsibility of the Laser Skin Care Clinic in case of complications will be limited. The rules regarding the patient safety policy are only for the patients that take treatment at the Laser Skin Care Clinic in the first place. Please note that our assurance may not cover all possible events and expenses, and our decision will be final, and the patient will not be able to challenge.

Our Patient Safety Policy Covers

  • The patient safety policy covers any emergency medical expense for complications from our medical treatment or surgery.
  • The patient safety policy covers additional necessary medical expenses due to a complication in case the patient needs to be admitted to the clinic in an emergency.
  • The patient safety policy covers the treatment expenses, and the patient will not be entitled to any cash benefits from the clinic. In other words, we are responsible for the treatment expenses incurred in our facility.
  • The patient should inform the Laser Skin Care Clinic at the earliest if any complication takes place. If the patient ignores the problem and it grows bigger, we may not be able to take full responsibility for taking care of it. If the patient is not able to make it to the Laser Skin Care Clinic due to the severity of the problem, the patient should go to the nearest hospital and inform us immediately.

Our Patient Safety Policy Does Not Cover

  • Only the things mentioned in the previous part are covered under the patient safety policy of the Laser Skin Care Clinic. The patient is required to carefully read the documentation and ask if he or she does not understand anything. People can call us or write us if they do not understand any point in our patient’s safety policy.
  • This policy does not apply to pre-existing complications and due to anything that is not related to our treatment.
  • It is not an insurance policy, and the whole point of mentioning different points here is to give the patient a piece of mind. We do not pledge to offer any monetary compensation in case of any complications. We will just try our best to treat the complication at our expense.
  • If the complication caused could not be treated at the Laser Skin Care Clinic, it would be tried to make necessary arrangements to have it treated at some other facility, and we will try to cover the expenses in whole or part.

What is a Complication(s)?

A complication is an unexpected problem arising from a scheduled medical treatment. The Laser Skin Care Clinic will be able to cover any complications if they arise after the discharge date and within the 10 days provided the patient has followed the instructions in all respects. It includes all pre-treatment and post-treatment instructions provided by the surgeon and other staff members. Some common complications are enlisted below:

  • Abscess
  • Cellulitis
  • Skin Loss
  • Hematoma
  • Wound Disruption
  • Excessive Bleeding

What is a Pre-Existing Condition?

A pre-existing condition refers to:

  • A medical condition for which the patient has had surgery.
  • Any medical or dental condition that the patient is aware of.
  • A medical condition identified or being treated by another doctor.
  • A condition for which the patient takes medicine or sees a specialist.

Note Regarding Infections

The infections that occur after the procedure will be considered complications when the patient gets the infection at least 7 days after the original discharge date.

When this Policy Does Not Apply

  • If a person takes a treatment against the advice of the doctor.
  • If a person is diagnosed with a terminal condition before treatment with us.
  • If a person fails to inform us about ongoing treatment or medical condition.
  • If a person is a smoker, drinker, or takes drugs against the advice of our doctor.



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