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Fotona 4D Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation, also known as lip plumping, is a cosmetic procedure for enhancing the lips’ size or shape. Laser lip augmentation increases the volume of the lips without any injection, downtime, or pain. Fotona Lip Augmentation is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that increases the size of the lips.  Fotona 4D® provides results similar to more invasive procedures, but it does not require incisions or injections. Therefore, this treatment is preferred by both patients and doctors. Besides lip augmentation, Fotona 4D Facelift is also a popular treatment.

What is Fotona 4D® Lip Augmentation?

Fotona 4D® Lip Augmentation is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment for plumping and enhancing the size and shape of the lips. Moreover, it shrinks and tightens the skin around the lips. For this purpose, it targets the skin tissue on the surrounding areas of the mouth. As a result, collagen and elastin production increases, making the skin firm and tight.
The 4 Ds in Fotona refer to the four different modes of treatment used during this procedure. These are:
  • SmoothLiftin™
  • Frac3®
  • Piano®
  • SupErficial™

Each of these treatments provides a unique benefit to the patient. Moreover, an expert can easily customize these treatments according to the patient’s preference.

How does it work?

Fotona Lip Augmentation is a quick and comfortable treatment that requires no numbing or anesthetic agents. Generally, it takes about 30 minutes or less to complete the procedure, and there is no downtime. After the treatment, patients might feel some heat around the mouth and on the lips. However, it subsides within an hour or so.

During the treatment, the practitioner delivers thermally-induced laser heat energy to the lip area using the Fotona SmoothLiftin™ Mode laser. It is a gentle non-ablative laser treatment that targets the following body parts:

  • vermilion borders of the mouth
  • oral commissures
  • cupid’s bow area
  • philtrum ridges

The heat laser energy stimulates collagen production, resulting in more lip volume creating a fuller and tighter appearance.

Before and After Results

Fotona 4D Lip Augmentation Dubai & Abu dhabi, Sharjah Fotona 4D Lip Augmentation Dubai & Abu Dhabi Fotona 4D Lip Augmentation in Abu Dhabi Fotona 4D Lip Augmentation in Dubai

Recovery and Results

Generally, there is no downtime after the treatment since it is a non-surgical procedure. However, patients may experience some temporary side-effects, which subside within a few hours. Although the recovery period is not extensive, doctors usually recommend rest for at least a day. Moreover, patients must avoid using certain medications before the procedure. These include specific vitamin supplements, aspirin, blood-thinners, and fish oils. Avoiding these medications can help during the recovery period.

The results of Fotona Lip Augmentation are natural-looking and last at least 6 months. Moreover, patients can see the results immediately after the procedure. However, generally, patients require at least 3-5 sessions to get the results that will last for about 6-12 months. However, after the initial sessions, they will need one session every three months to maintain the volume of the lips.


The Fotona 4D® Lip Augmentation is an effective treatment with hundreds of benefits. Generally, this treatment:

  • benefits all skin types
  • requires only minimal or no downtime
  • does not require extensive sun avoidance
  • is a quick procedure
  • is non-surgical and non-invasive
  • there are no incisions or injections
  • increases lip volume
  • stimulates collagen production
  • improves the texture and tone around the lip area
  • does not always require medication after the procedure

Cost of Fotona 4D® Treatment

There is no fixed cost of Fotona Lip Augmentation. The treatment cost varies due to a number of different factors. Generally, the doctor determines the exact price at the time of initial consultation. However, usually, the following factors influence the treatment cost:

  • the severity of the problem
  • experience and expertise of the doctor
  • the geographic location of the clinic
  • the reputation of the clinic
  • number of sessions

Generally, the average starting price of Lip Treatments at Laser Skin Care Clinic is AED 600.

Fotona 4D® Lip Augmentation FAQs

How long does laser lip plumping last?

The results of laser lip plumping are not permanent. However, they typically last for at least 6 months. In some patients, they may last for up to a year, as well, especially in patients under 35. In order to maintain the results, patients require one session every three months after the initial 3-5 sessions.

Does Fotona laser hurt?

The laser used for Fotona 4D Lip Augmentation is a safe, non-invasive laser that does not cause severe discomfort or pain. Most patients do not feel anything during the treatment. Moreover, it is uncommon to uses anesthesia or cooling gels for this treatment. However, some patients may feel like warm water is being poured on their lips. Apart from that, there is no pain, discomfort, or harm caused by Fotona lasers.

Is Fotona laser safe?

Fotona 4D laser is a safe and effective laser. The manufacturers of this laser have more than 40 years of experience and expertise. They have produced quality products that ensure precision, efficiency, efficacy, and safety of patients.

What type of laser is Fotona?

Fotona 4D is a non-invasive and non-ablative laser. It means Fotona 4D uses a specialized technique to target the treatment area by producing heat energy in the skin. However, it does not damage the surrounding tissue. Therefore, it is a safe and effective procedure.


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