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Fotona TwinLight® Fractional Rejuvenation

Fotona TwinLight® Fractional Rejuvenation is a laser skin resurfacing procedure carried out by a physician or dermatologist. This procedure utilizes laser beams at different stages to improve the skin’s appearance and texture.

Fotona TwinLight® Fractional Rejuvenation in Dubai is based on the use of ablative and non-ablative lasers. Therefore, this treatment is an ideal resurfacing option for all types and tones of skin. Furthermore, it doesn’t result in a long recovery period.

What does Fractional Rejuvenation do?

Fractional rejuvenation utilizes two lasers of varying wavelengths to stimulate skin tissue production on both deep and surface layers. Lasers used in this procedure specifically fix skin imperfections without causing any harm to nearby healthy tissues. Also, it speeds up the production of collagen in the derma.

In fact, TwinLight® Fractional Rejuvenation in Dubai is a precise treatment that yields better results than other skin treatments such as chemical peels and dermabrasion.

Who is the Right Candidate?

This procedure is ideal for people who have skin care-related concerns such as the impact of aging, sun damage, and acne. Moreover, this treatment resolves problems that are not treatable through over-the-counter products.

On the whole, Fotona TwinLight® laser treatment helps address the following skin problems.

  • Scars
  • Age spots
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Acne scars
  • Unevenness in the skin tone
  • Enlarged oil glands
  • Warts
  • Sagging skin

In addition, it is pertinent to discuss the eligibility criteria with your surgeon to know whether this treatment is the right solution for your skin problems. Therefore, be sure to discuss your candidacy for the treatment during the first consultation.

Laser Types Used

The Twinlight® fractional laser treatment uses two types of lasers to fix skin issues. Those types are:

  • Ablative Laser – Known as Ablative Er:YAG, this laser type aims at deeper skin layers to stimulate the production of rejuvenated tissues.
  • Non-ablative laser – Also known as Nd: YAG, this laser type promotes healthy skin tissue development on the surface layer.

Machine Used

The machine used in the TwinLight® Fractional Rejuvenation treatment in Dubai is known as Fotona.


The primary purpose of Fotona TwinLight® facial rejuvenation is to make the skin healthy and fresh. Although this treatment is a three-step procedure, it may last up to an hour only. However, you may need to undergo one to three treatment sessions to achieve desired results, depending on your preferences and the condition of the skin. Each of these sessions is usually carried out with a six-week gap.

First, the surgeon will numb the treatment site using an anesthetic solution. Similarly, sedation may be required for extensive skin resurfacing. Then, the dermatologist will begin with the steps involved in the Fotona TwinLight® facial rejuvenation procedure.

Step One – Conditioning

Firstly, the dermatologist or surgeon will target the skin surface twice using the Nd:YAG beam. The first application of the laser beam will promote initial stimulation in the skin. After that, the second application will cause deep heating, prepping the skin for fractional therapy.

Step Two – Fractional Therapy

Secondly, the fractional Er:YAG laser will be applied to ablate the old, worn-out skin. Consequently, the formation of micro-ablated channels will take place to pave the way for the development of healthier and tighter skin tissues.

Step Three – Peeling

Finally, a full Er:YAG beam is directed to the treatment area to eliminate superficial imperfections.

Aftercare and Recovery

Although skin resurfacing laser treatment is carried out by surgeons, it doesn’t fall into the category of a surgical procedure. Hence, you can walk out of the clinic right after the treatment. Nonetheless, expect to go through the post-procedure recovery with some downtime. Indeed, this downtime is necessary to ensure proper healing of your skin and prevent side effects.

On the whole, the healing takes 3 to 10 days, depending on your skin condition and the depth of the laser beam penetration during the treatment. Although the skin develops some redness, it is the normal after-effect of the procedure.

In the end, you should adhere to some aftercare steps to keep the recovery phase free of complications.

  • Apply ice packs to soothe your skin.
  • You may need to change your skin cleanser for a while. Therefore, ask your surgeon to recommend to you the most suitable skin cleansing solution.
  • Be sure to stay away from any place where your skin might get into contact with germs.

Results – What to Expect

Both ablative and non-ablative skin resurfacing treatments do not pose a significant risk of side effects. With the non-ablative option, you may have to undergo several treatment sessions to get the desired results. On the other hand, the ablative treatment can help you get the desired results in fewer or even single treatment sessions.

Treatment results can last for several years. However, the longevity of those results will depend on how well you take care of your skin.

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