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Chemical Peels Cost in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The skin is a large organ that is prone to many risk and abnormalities. If we cleanse and exfoliate it properly, it will remain even and younger. The chemical peels cleanse and exfoliate the skin. They allow us to resurface and rejuvenate the skin easily. Here is the Chemical Peels Treatment Cost in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Continue reading to know the treatment pricing.

Chemical Peels Treatment  

The skin is an important part of the body that suffers from different issues from time to time. Due to skin oil production and dust, the pores get clogged. Moreover, the skin becomes dull due to environmental dust and pollution.

Due to the closure of pores, impurities keep accumulating in the skin. As a result, we get pimples and inflammation. If we properly cleanse and exfoliate it, we can avoid a variety of skin problems. The chemical peeling can do the both.

How Does Peeling Work?

The skin-friendly acids are applied to the facial skin that opens up the pores, removes the impurities (dead skin cells, excess oils, dirt, and bacteria), and peels off the topmost layer of the skin. The new and fresh skin layer grows its place.

Chemical Peels Treatment Cost in Dubai and Abu Dhabi 

The chemical peels treatment cost in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is not fixed because the pricing depends on some variable factors. In Dubai, the price ranges from AED 300 to AED 1,000 depending upon the peel used during the procedure. So it averages at AED 700.

The cost depends on the following factors;

  • The nature of the skin problem.
  • The location of the treatment facility.
  • The type of peel/acid used during the treatment.
  • The Qualification and experience of the professional.

At the Laser Skin Care Clinic Dubai, the price of Chemical Peels In Dubai is low as compared to many other clinics. If you want to know the exact cost in your case, please feel free to get in touch with us by booking a free online consultation.

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