underarm skin peeling

The color of your underarms is meant to resemble the rest of your skin. Yet, this particular area may turn black, adding much to your embarrassment in front of everyone else. People who like to wear tank tops are too conscious about their underarms as the dark color in this part of the skin can shatter their confidence. 

It is worth mentioning that dark underarms do not pose a health risk, but they can certainly affect your appearance. The good news is you can get chemical peels treatment to get rid of these pesky dark spots. 

Let’s see if this underarm chemical peeling treatment is effective or not. 

Cause of Underarm Skin Darkening 

Skin discoloration mainly happens due to a higher number of melanocytes. Armpits are usually among the body areas more susceptible to having denser melanocyte accumulations. 

The amount of melanocyte content in your body depends on your genetics and family history. Hair removal from repeated shaving or plucking can also stimulate the production of melanocytes in the area under your arms. 

Other causes of underarm darkening include bacterial infections, melanoma, or type two diabetes. 

What are Chemical Peels? 

Chemical peels are one of the most effective cosmetic treatments for dark underarms, elbows, and facial skin. 

This procedure uses some FDA-approved acids to peel off the older skin and reveal the new skin underneath. The new skin is often less wrinkled, smoother, and brighter than the old one. 

Underarm Chemical Peeling 

Now it’s time to answer the question we all are here for: “Can chemical peeling help whiten the underarms?”

In just minutes of the application, the acids dissolve melanocytes and dead skin cells responsible for dark pigmentation. Eventually, the topmost skin layer sheds away.  

The shedding of the outermost skin layer causes the layer underneath to come on top. This process also increases collagen production, promoting a youthful and lighter-toned skin surface. 

Underarm chemical peeling usually involves using light or medium peeling solutions based on your skin condition. A light or superficial peel is usually enough to exfoliate the skin and remove additional melanocytes. 

The Procedure 

Since it involves light or medium chemical peels, underarm chemical peeling is an outpatient procedure. Even so, the skin doctor will apply a topical numbing solution to the target area to prevent any discomfort during treatment.

The doctor may use glycolic acid, salicylic acid, or trichloroacetic acid to treat your underarms. These abrasive solutions may cause the treated skin to whiten like a blister and have a tingling sensation for a few minutes, but don’t worry because that’s how the chemical peeling solution deals with the dark pigment.

Underarm Rash Treatment 

Chemical peels can cause rashes if you are not careful after the procedure. To avoid rashes and underarm itching, you need to properly lubricate your skin. Your doctor will prescribe an appropriate ointment to help you keep your underarms from developing rashes.

Bottom Line 

Dark underarms are mostly harmless and do not directly cause any health problems. Still, you do not want to leave these areas untreated if you do not want to be shy of raising your arms. So, your best bet is to consult a qualified skin doctor.  

Dark underarms are also a sign of diabetes or some thyroid issue, so it is also a reason you should get these areas examined at a clinic.  

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