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Weight problems are very common nowadays and people are willing to undertake all kinds of crazy diets and tough exercise regimes to get rid of the unwanted flab. The results from these extreme efforts are usually mixed, owing to a lack of consistency. Anything effort made in moderation generally helps. Lipotropic injections in Dubai are quite useful in helping you lose weight when done in conjunction with a moderate diet and exercise. Let’s have a closer look at the treatment. 

What are Lipotropic Injections?

Lipotropic injections are a weight loss treatment in Dubai that works with the help of vitamins and some other drugs injected into the body. The treatment is simple and easy but must be done with a combination of exercise and low-calorie diet routine to bring about the desired results. The treatment must be carried out by a medical professional.   

Are You A Candidate?

When a question comes about the candidacy of lipotropic injections in Dubai, your doctor is the best judge on this matter. However, some pointers can help you in getting an idea. 

  • You’re motivated to lose extra weight.
  • You are willing to take time out to exercise.
  • You’re willing to eat healthy. 

Pre-treatment Instructions

It is important to discuss your medical history with your doctor at length. If you need any specific precautions, your doctor will enlighten you on the matter.


A combination of Vitamin B Complex combined with some other drugs injected into the subcutaneous skin layer. They aide the fat burning process in the body, especially the liver. The exact combination of the injections is based on the requirements of a given individual and determined by the doctor. 

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Post-treatment Instructions

This is a lunchtime procedure so there aren’t many post-treatment instructions. There are some side effects like diarrhea, anxiety and increased heart rate. These should subside shortly if they occur. If they persist, consult your doctor right away. 

If the person getting this weight loss treatment is not taking enough diet, the treatment can also cause fatigue, light headedness, and irritability. 


The results are pretty impressive. Once the treatment completed along with the other routine prescribed by your doctor, a considerable weight loss can be seen in most patients. A controlled diet and exercise are a must to achieve the desired outcome. 

Number of Required Sessions

The exact number of sessions varies individually. Typically, you will administer by one injection per week for several weeks. In some cases, the doctor may inject as many as two doses a week.  

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