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Skin Lesion Removal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

By the skin lesions, we mean the part of the skin that experiences an abnormal growth. The problem affects both men and women of different ages. Dermatologists suggest a skin lesion removal treatment to deal with this skin condition. The skin lesions should not be ignored as they are often an indication of a bigger problem. In general, skin lesions removal treatment is completely safe and secure. In this topic, we are going to discuss the treatment meaning, results, benefits, machine, candidates, aims, procedure, cost, pre-op care, post-op care, free consultation, and 25% discount offer.

What is Skin Lesions Removal?

By the skin lesions, we mean the part of the skin that experiences an abnormal growth. First of all, the problem is of minor nature most of the times. In some cases, the problem could be linked to a skin disease, and it is important to have it checked at the earliest. Secondly, we have many options when it comes to removing skin lesions. In the next part of the page, we will discuss the results and benefits of skin lesions removal treatment.

Results and Benefits

In general, skin lesions removal treatment is completely safe and secure. The treatment is famous for delivering promising skin resurfacing results in a short time. If you have got the skin lesion and interested in this treatment, you can expect the following results and benefits;

  • It has minimal side effects.
  • It makes you look beautiful.
  • It is a non-surgical treatment.
  • It is a non-invasive treatment.
  • It makes the skin smooth and clear.
  • It removes the cancerous skin cells.
  • Prevents the spread of cancerous cells.
  • The patient experiences no pain during it.
  • It boosts your confidence and self-esteem.
  • The patient gets the desired skin resurfacing results.

Skin Lesion Removal Dubai Abu Dhabi & SharjahSkin Lesion Removal in Abu DhabiSkin Lesion Removal in Dubai & Abu DhabiSkin Lesion Removal in Dubai

The Machine We Use

At the Laser Skin Care Clinic, we always use up-to-date equipment. We are among the early adopters whenever the new technology is commercially available. We have discussed here the device used to perform the treatment. We will now discuss what makes a person the right candidate for this treatment.

Who is a Candidate?

If you are a person with skin lesions on any part of the body, chances are you are a good candidate for skin lesions removal treatment. The point is; not all persons with skin lesions are perfect candidates for this treatment. If you want to know if it is for you or not; you have to consult our dermatologist. The common criteria for this treatment are mentioned below;

  • You have a lump and sore
  • You have good mental and physical health
  • You have the skin lesions that cause you pain
  • You have the realistic expectation with the treatment
  • The skin cancer is the reason behind an abnormal patch of your skin

What is the Aim of Treatment?

The skin lesions removal treatment is beneficial for the skin of all types. The treatment aims at delivering the desired results in a short time. The main goal of the treatment is to remove the lesions without causing more harm to the skin. Mentioned below are some important aims of the treatment;

  • To remove the cancerous skin cells
  • To restore the confidence lost due to the skin issues
  • To reduce the pain and irritation with the skin lesions
  • To remove the skin lesion with the best suitable technique

Skin Lesions Removal Techniques

As a matter of fact, there are different types of skin lesions. Keeping this fact in mind, the skin care experts have designed a number of skin lesions removal techniques. In this part of the treatment page, we will shed light on the important methods for skin lesions removal.

Shave ExcisionSurgical Treatment – We can use shave excision technique to remove the skin lesions that rise above. A small blade will be used to cut the topmost layer of the skin. It will be followed by complete removal of the lesion. Applying the medication with bandages or stitches will conclude the treatment.

Scissor ExcisionSurgical Treatment – It is similar to the shave excision technique. The difference being the use of two scissors instead of the small blade. The doctor will use the forceps (a type of surgical tool like scissors) to pull up or grab the lesions. The treatment will be concluded by applying medication with bandages or stitches.

CryotherapyFreezing Technique – It is a short treatment where the professional applies a special solution onto the skin lesion with a cotton swab. This leads to the formation of ice crystals in the lesion that breaks up the lesion cells. In the end, the lesion will be picked to finish the treatment.

Laser TreatmentNon-Surgical Treatment – As its name suggests, laser technology is used to remove the lesion in this technique. The high-frequency laser beam heats up the lesions cells until they burst. Eventually, the lesion will be destroyed. Often, more than one sessions are needed to destroy the lesion.

Which Technique is Used?

We have discussed above what the skin lesions are. Here, we will see how the skin lesions could be removed. In general, skin lesions removal treatment is simple and takes less time to perform. You will visit the clinic at the time of appointment, and you will be able to leave the clinic once the treatment is completed. The time taken by the treatment depends on the nature of the lesions. We remove lesions with laser treatment. We can divide the treatment into the following small steps;

Step 1: The local anesthesia will be applied to numb the treatment area (to avoid pain and discomfort).

Step 2: The doctor will use the excision, laser, or freezing (depending upon the lesion nature) to remove the lesion.

Step 3: The treatment area will be medicated and closed with bandages (or stitches if needed).

Step 4: Another treatment session may be needed if one session is not enough to eradicate the lesion.

How to Prepare for the Treatment?

The patient does not need to do much to prepare for skin lesions removal treatment. The guidelines from the doctor vary from patient to patient. Some common instructions to follow before the procedure are as follows;

  • It is important to maintain a healthy food intake.
  • It is important to go through the prescribed lab tests.
  • It is important to take the prescribed medications regularly.
  • It is important to quit smoking one week before the treatment.
  • It’s important to discontinue the blood thinning, anti-inflammatory medicines days ago.

Post-Op Care and the Recovery Time

In general, skin lesions removal treatment is completely safe and secure. The treatment could be performed through a surgical and non-surgical technique. We are now going to discuss the recovery and post-operation care in the case of a non-surgical treatment using the laser.


  • You may also experience fever or chills for a short time.
  • The bleeding, swelling or infection is often observed; but it is rare.
  • You may experience slight pain or discomfort after the treatment.
  • The pain and discomfort after the treatment could be dealt with medications.
  • You may be left with small scars that will gradually fade by the passage of time.

Post-Op Care

  • It is important to keep an eye on the wound.
  • Inform the doctor if any unusual thing happens to it.
  • Keep applying the medication prescribed by the doctor.
  • Try your best to keep the wound dry for 48 hours after the treatment.
  • If needed, gently wash the area around the wound with soap and water.
  • Avoid rubbing and washing the treatment areas if you also have stitches.

Cost of Skin Lesion Removal

What is the cost of skin lesion removal treatment? We are asked this question time and again; our answer is the same. The cost of skin lesions removal treatment depends on a variety of elements. Only experienced skin care professional can tell you a hint about the cost of this treatment. If you have lesions on any part of the body, please contact us, and we will let you know what the cost would be in your case. The cost may depend on the following factors;

  • The nature of the skin lesion.
  • The number of treatment sessions.
  • The location of the treatment facility.
  • The experience of the skin care professional.
  • The qualification of the skin care professional.

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The skin lesions removal treatment is very famous these days. If you have got one or more skin lesions on the body, you should consider the latest skin lesions removal treatment offered by the Laser Skin Care Clinic.

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