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Semi-Permanent Makeup in Dubai

Semi-permanent makeup in Dubai is a quick and non-invasive procedure to give you a made-up look for the long term. After this procedure, you won’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror every day. Due to its natural-looking results, this treatment has become quite popular all over the globe.

What is a Semi-Permanent Makeup Dubai-based Method?

As the name suggests, semi-permanent makeup gives you a treated appearance to a certain degree for the long term. This procedure is also known as micro-pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing. During this treatment, a trained aesthetician or cosmetic tattoo artist injects a tiny amount of pigment under the top skin layer, changing the shade of the treated area. Most people get this treatment to change the look of their eyes, brows, and lips.

Who can Get This Treatment?

You can get semi-permanent makeup if you:

  • Want to save your time
  • Want to make your lips and eyes prominent for a long term
  • Do not want to use cosmetic products
  • Have realistic expectations from the treatment

Despite being safe for most people, this procedure may not be suitable for all. Therefore, consulting a doctor beforehand can help you determine if you can benefit from this cosmetic treatment. Below are some of the factors that could restrict you from getting semi-permanent makeup:

  • Heart condition or severe blood pressure problem
  • Diabetes
  • Certain skin allergies
  • Pregnancy

Pre-Op Guidelines

Even though a dermatologist will give you a more precise pre-op plan before continuing with semi-permanent makeup in Dubai, some steps are standard for everyone. Here is a list of those common steps.

  • Avoid removing hair from the treatment area at least 24 hours before the procedure.
  • Do not wear contact lenses for 24 hours.
  • If you have a history of cold sores or fever blisters, particularly around the mouth, ask your doctor to prescribe antiviral medication.
  • Get an allergy test done if you have sensitive skin.
  • Consult with your doctor before stopping any medications, including ibuprofen, aspirin, or other blood-thinning drugs, before the procedure.
  • Avoid Retin A, Accutane, and retinoids at least two weeks before the procedure.


First off, our skin doctor will apply a topical anesthetic solution to the treatment area to make it impervious to pain. Because it is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure completed over a short duration, it is performed in an outpatient setting.

Next, the aesthetician will mark the treatment areas using a cosmetic pencil. They will then inject the pigment under the top skin layer in the outlined area using a hand-held device with a very thin needle.

Treatment Areas

Here is a brief detail of the areas treatable with semi-permanent makeup Dubai-specific protocols.


Semi-permanent eyebrows, also known as microblading, make your brows look full and nicely aligned. This procedure involves injecting a pigment into the empty areas of your brows to make them look more defined naturally.

The first step of this treatment is the application of a numbing solution to the treatment area. As a result, you won’t feel any pain from the injections. Next, the surgeon will inject a tiny amount of pigment into the tissues under the top skin layer. This treatment procedure is usually 30-45 minutes long.

The resulting eyebrow appearance will stay there for more than a year. You can keep this look for an even longer time with follow-up sessions.


This semi-permanent makeup treatment in Dubai aims to eliminate the need to wear eyeliner every day. This technique involves injecting a pigment along the lash line to create a permanent eyeliner. With this treatment, you can achieve different eyeliner styles, depending on your preferences. For best results, you can discuss these preferences with our aesthetic surgeon.

Lip Line

This micro-pigmentation procedure helps create a more defined lip line and an overall plumper lip appearance. You can choose from a range of colors to be injected into the lip border area. However, it is best to discuss your selection with an aesthetician to get your lips the look you want. The best part of this treatment is it doesn’t use any fillers to make your lips look chubbier.

Hair Line

Hair transplantation is not the only option for a more defined hairline. Sometimes, all you need is a touch-up procedure to make your hairline look more symmetrical. And that’s where semi-permanent makeup in Dubai may help. You can discuss this procedure with our dermatologist to explore different options.

Hair Transplanted Area

You can consider scalp micro-pigmentation if you have balding areas on your scalp and want to create an illusion of fuller hair without getting a hair transplant. This treatment is particularly suitable for individuals who wish to wear a short hairstyle.

Full Face

Semi-permanent makeup for the full face is mainly a procedure to reduce dullness in your facial appearance. This treatment has a particular appeal for individuals who do not get enough time for facial makeup due to hectic life routines.

Semi-Permanent Makeup Techniques


It is a semi-permanent cosmetic technique for restoring the eyebrows. Microblading uses stacked needles to deposit pigment ink into your skin’s lower layer giving your eyebrows a fuller darker look. It also shapes your eyebrows according to your desire by depositing hair-like pigments giving you a more natural look.
This treatment lasts for 12-18 months.


Similar to microblading except that it deposits pigments in the form of dots in empty areas of your eyebrows. The deposited tattoo-type dots give your eyebrows a powdery appearance.
Microshading lasts for 1-3 years with touch-ups required in between.

Permanent eyeliner

It is semi-permanent makeup for your eyelashes. Do you feel like you want those long beautiful eyelashes? Well, permanent eyeliner is the right option to choose. Permanent eyeliner enhances the lash line, giving the illusion of darker and thicker lashes.

Scalp micropigmentation

Tired of hair loss and want to have fuller hair on your head? Scalp micro pigmentation may help you. Scalp micropigmentation uses needles to apply pigment dots that match your hair color on your scalp. The treatment gives your scalp a fuller look. However, they are not hair follicles but appear like them.

The treatment can last for four years or even longer.

Tattoo removal

Think that tattoo doesn’t look good anymore? We use various techniques, preferably lasers, to effectively remove tattoos from any part of your body. Using the right wavelength for specific colors of tattoos we can effectively remove your tattoos less painfully.

Lip tattooing

This technique gives you shiny lips with the color of your choice. No need to use expensive lip products anymore to get those blossomy plump lips you always wanted. The process uses small needles to deposit pigments in your lips and lasts for 1-3 years.

Eyebrow lamination

If you want those perfectly brushed up and shiny eyebrows then you should go for eyebrow lamination. The procedure is simple and non-invasive, using a specialized solution to set your eyebrow hair after brushing them in the desired direction. It lasts for 4-6 weeks.

Eyebrow color correction

If you think your eyebrow color has faded and needs a retouch. Eyebrow color correction is a semi-permanent procedure to give your eyebrows the color they need. It is done by micro shading the skin with the correct color pigment. The correct color is tattooed over the residue and is done gradually in several steps.

Post-Op Guidelines

It is vital to adhere to post-op guidelines for treatment success. Therefore, do not deviate from your dermatologist’s instructions. Here is an overview of the most common post-op steps you must follow after a semi-permanent makeup.

  • Be careful with your medicines. Ask your surgeon when resuming or commencing any medication. Generally, you will need to avoid using blood thinners.
  • Be sure not to go out in the sun with an unprotected treated area for a few days.
  • Stay away from water activities for a few weeks or until your dermatologist approves.
  • Avoid touching the treated area.
  • Do not wear contact lenses with treated eyelashes.


You can go back to your routine activities right after the treatment. The application of semi-permanent makeup could potentially cause swelling and redness in the treated area, although these side effects do not occur for everyone. However, these side effects subside very quickly. Moreover, ensure that you follow all the pre-op and post-op instructions to speed up the recovery process.


The changes caused by semi-permanent makeup are significant yet natural. It is usually all about the careful use of the pigment in the treatment areas. Our surgeons identify the specific needs of every person and create a treatment plan that meets those needs.

Semi-permanent makeup generally lasts between 1 to 3 years, depending on the specific technique and individual factors. After that, you can go for follow-up sessions to maintain your aesthetics.

Is semi-permanent makeup painful?

We use anesthesia to numb the area before going forward with the treatment, making it a relatively comfortable non-invasive procedure. However, some post-procedural pain or swelling may occur.

Are there any side effects?

While side effects are generally minimal if the procedure is done correctly and post-treatment care instructions are followed, some people may experience scarring, peeling, skin cracking, blistering, or inflammation.

Cost of Semi-Permanent Makeup

There is no single variable that helps determine the cost of semi-permanent makeup in Dubai. The cost varies with every procedure. Other factors that determine this price include the level of correction required and the expertise of the cosmetic doctor.

How does semi-permanent makeup work?

Semi-permanent makeup is similar to tattooing. For this reason, it is called cosmetic tattooing. It is also called micro-pigmentation. The practitioner injects a tiny amount of pigment into the treatment area to achieve the desired result during this procedure.

How long does semi-permanent brows take?

The procedure of semi-permanent brows can take 30-40 minutes. After the treatment, your eyebrows will take up to two weeks to heal fully. The injected pigment generally takes another two weeks to settle.


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