Warts Removal Price

Well, warts are super ugly. If you have one (or many), you would want to eliminate it as soon as possible. It will allow you to revive the clear skin and prevent people from staring at your wart as if you’re a monster. Warts come in all shapes and sizes and each type requires a different kind of treatment. Warts Removal Treatment Price in Dubai varies for different shapes and sizes. Plantar warts’ victims don’t have to worry as they are harmless, and usually, go away on their own. However, some types of warts are quite rigid that refuse to leave home. For such warts, Warts Removal Treatment is the only cure.

Let’s explore a bunch of treatments and its cost that are considered effective for eliminating warts.

Salicylic acid

It is also known as acidic peeling cream. Instead of buying an over the counter version, go for a prescribed one. It will definitely be much stronger, will eliminate layers of warts at a time and will produce quick results. They also help the immune system to fight the warts and prevent the formation of new warts. You can apply it in the comfort of your own home. Just make sure to get the warts checked by a dermatologist, every few weeks. The warts removal price in Dubai can vary depending upon the treatment you choose. In the case of salicylic acid, it’s pretty minimal.


It is not recommended to perform this treatment at home. Although, there are plenty of freezing sprays available in the market. They can lead to extreme scarring.   Cryotherapy done at a clinic involves the application of liquid nitrogen to the wart. The dermatologist will either use spray or a cotton swab to apply it. Numbing cream is used prior to applying liquid nitrogen as it is a painless procedure. In a week’s period, warts will be a thing of the past and you will acquire your clear skin back. The wart removal cost in Dubai, in this case, is relatively higher than the first option.

Laser Treatment

The laser is by far the best treatment for the elimination Price of warts Removal. It takes 2 to 3 sessions for complete removal of warts even of your entire body is covered with it. Laser cuts off the blood supply to the wart, hence, the wart falls off within a week. The best part about laser warts removal is that it does not causes scarring and leaves you with clear skin after the treatment. The cost of laser warts removal in Dubai usually begins with 500 AED and then progresses higher.


If you are looking for a perfect cure to eliminate warts, fill in the form below. Our dermatologist will advise you a suitable treatment depending upon the type of wart. And, yes it will be a free and no-obligatory consultation. You can also use our chat section to know the exact cost or any other question regarding the treatment.