Best Derrmatologist in Dubai

Finding the Best Dermatologist who understands your skin problems and treats them accordingly seems daunting. However, nothing is complicated if you go with a plan in place. All you have to do is look at some specific criteria to see if a proposed dermatologist fits your requirements.

Here’s some advice on what to look for in a dermatologist.

Board Certification

Many doctors claim to be skin specialists. However, a mere claim is not sufficient for you to start trusting a person in an office. To become a dermatologist, a doctor must spend at least three years studying dermatology. This three-year specialization makes them certified dermatologists. After completion of the training in dermatology, the doctor will need to take a board exam, passing which is mandatory to earn a certification. Hence, looking at the credentials of dermatologists before settling on one is crucial.

Area of Expertise

Ignoring the area of expertise can lead to undesirable consequences. When figuring out how you should choose the best dermatologist, look at their specialty. A specialist’s certification will give you a clear idea of the area of specialization of a dermatologist. Some of the standard certifications are Pediatric Dermatology, Clinical and Laboratory Dermatological Immunology, and Dermatopathology. Moreover, most dermatologists focus more on one area rather than the others out of pure interest. Some like to focus on laser therapies, while others prefer performing chemical peels and PRP therapies. So, choose a dermatologist with particular expertise in the procedure suitable for your skin.


Even with vast knowledge and experience, a dermatologist is not worth your time and money if their attitude is characterized by lousiness. You have to look for a professional who listens to your concerns carefully without making assumptions. If the dermatologist is rushed or inattentive, he might not be suitable for a crucial procedure like skincare. So, choose a professional who considers you a priority and is not impatiently waiting for the consultation to be finished.


Dermatology can be a very lucrative specialty. However, a display of work ethics by a dermatologist is as essential as boasting about the field’s knowledge and expertise. If you are constantly feeling pressured and the dermatologist pushes you towards a particular approach, you need to rethink your choices. Generally, a dermatologist must take an honestly crafted holistic approach to your treatment.


Ambiance, along with other factors mentioned above, is the very factor contributing to the choice of a dermatologist. How does the doctor’s office look? If the office seems unprofessional and untidy, you will not be much convinced about the quality of the equipment used. So, pay close attention to the office/clinic and the management.

Final Words on Choosing a Dermatologist

Deciding to undergo an in-office skin treatment means you will allow a dermatologist to use medical equipment on your most significant body organ. So, choosing a dermatologist has to be a well-thought-out process.

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