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Nowadays, everyone wants to have a perfectly contoured body. For this purpose, we opt for different natural and medical treatments. But since natural methods – exercise and dieting – take longer to deliver results, people often prefer medical treatments. Several surgical and non-surgical procedures are available to help burn excess fat on the tummy, thighs, arms, hips, etc. Although liposuction is the most popular surgical procedure for fat reduction Dubai, people usually prefer non-surgical procedures. Generally, they are preferred because they are more comfortable, safer, and cheaper.

Who is the ideal candidate?

The fat removal without surgery in Dubai is a revolutionary procedure. It allows people to get rid of excess fat without going under the knife. Generally, anyone who wants to get into shape can benefit from it.

You are the ideal candidate for fat reduction if you:

  • have localized fat deposits on different body parts that are not responsive to exercise and diet
  • are not obese, and your weight is nearly standard and stable (not more than 30% of your ideal weight)
  • have relatively elastic and firm skin with healthy, toned muscles
  • are in good physical as well as mental health
  • do not have diabetes, hypertension, or cardio problems
  • are 18 years or above in age
  • have realistic expectations from the treatment

The Machine We Use

At Laser Skin Care Clinic, we use the OGM Eximia and OGM Pollogen Legend for performing non surgical fat reduction treatments Dubai.

Aim of the Procedure

The aim of fat removal without surgery is to:

  • restore a shapely body
  • regain sharp body contours
  • take off physiological stress and pressure that comes with extra fat

The Technique We Use

Generally, non-surgical fat reduction uses different techniques for removing excess fat. Some standard techniques are as follows:

  1. Fat Reduction Injections
  2. Fat reduction with Radio Frequency
  3. Cavitation Fat Removal
  4. Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat Removal
  5. Fat Removal without Liposuction (Lipolysis and Mesotherapy)

Pre-Procedure Instructions

To get the most out of your fat melting injections Dubai, you must prepare yourself well for the procedure. Some general pre-procedure steps are listed below:

  • Stop using any blood-thinning medicines at least 2-3 weeks before the procedure.
  • Increase water intake and also take other fluids (fresh juices, etc.) to hydrate the body.
  • Have a sound sleep the night before the procedure.
  • Come to the clinic in loose-fitted clothes that are easy to wear and remove.


Procedural steps vary greatly depending on the non-surgical fat reduction technique used for the treatment.

  1. Fat reduction with injections involves injecting a mixture of medicines, enzymes, as well as minerals into the areas with excess fat. The chemical mixture breaks down the triglycerides (fat) into absorbable glycerol and free fatty acids.
  2. Fat reduction with Radio Frequency uses radio waves to break down fat deposits. Besides, it also tones up the skin and boosts collagen production in the body. Fat reduction Dubai not only tones the body but also provides smooth and supple skin.
  3. Fat Removal without Liposuction uses injections as well as ultrasonic waves to melt and remove fat deposits from the areas with localized fat. Generally, it works well in those areas that stopped responding to diet and exercise.

Post-Procedure Care and Recovery Time

Since it is a virtually non-surgical, non-invasive procedure, recovery is generally quick and uneventful. Most patients go back to routine life as soon as they get out of the clinic. Chances of risks and complications are virtually zero, as long as patients follow the post-procedure instructions. The post-procedural care will vary depending upon the fat removal technique used.

Usually, the doctor provides a list of instructions for patients to follow after the treatment. However, here are some general dos and don’ts to follow after face and belly fat removal Dubai:

  • Use cold compresses to alleviate any post-treatment swelling.
  • Get back to routine life as soon as possible. It is necessary to avoid any blood or fat clotting in the treated areas.
  • Avoid strenuous activities, such as running, jogging, exercise, etc., for at least a week or two.
  • The use of compression garments will help in quick recovery as well as regaining the desired contours.
  • Start using prescription medicines immediately after the procedure.

Before and After Results

In the case of fat reduction without injections, results can be seen immediately after the treatment. However, fat removal with injections takes some time – at least a month or two – before a reduction in fat deposits becomes noticeable.

Fat Reduction Treatments Dubai Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Fat Reduction Treatments in Dubai Fat Reduction Treatments in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Fat Reduction Treatments in Abu Dhabi


The benefits of non-surgical fat removal are given below:

  • The procedure is non-surgical and non-invasive.
  • The recovery is quick and uneventful.
  • There is no risk of complications or side effects.
  • It is performed with local anesthesia, which makes it virtually painless.
  • It is relatively less expensive and affordable as compared to traditional liposuction.

Cost of Fat Reduction

Generally, there is no fixed cost of fat removal without surgery. It varies from person to person depending upon:

  • The fat melting technique used
  • Size of the treatment area
  • Amount of fat that needs to be removed
  • Experience and reputation of the surgeon
  • Location of the clinic

The average cost of non surgical Fat Reduction Treatments starts from AED 15000 in Dubai.

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Fat Reduction with Laser and Fat Removal with Radio Frequency are excellent for people seeking non-surgical fat removal treatment. Both these treatments melt the fat in hard-to-reach areas as well. Wondering about effective and non-surgical belly fat removal? Laser Skin Care Clinic may be the right place to visit.

We offer non-surgical Fat Reduction Treatments in Dubai at a highly affordable cost. In order to learn more about the procedure or schedule a treatment, call us now or visit us. Moreover, to book an online consultation with our laser experts, fill the form below.

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