The skin undergoes several changes throughout life; it is one of the most exposed and adaptable organs. There are several skin problems that can affect a person’s self-confidence and can lead to several health problems as well. The skin sagging problem is a common cosmetic concern but does not directly lead to health problems. It can be caused due to different conditions and it needs to be cured properly with the help of nonsurgical treatment for sagging underarms.

Reasons for Skin Sagging

Skin sagging is a problem experienced by many people at some point in their lives. It can be caused by:

  • Due to age factor.
  • Due to hormonal change.
  • Due to weight loss.
  • Due to inheritance.

Age Factor

Age is the most important factor in skin sagging issues, over the years, especially after 40, the skin starts sagging and the process picks pace over time. However, due to some health issues, skin sagging can start at an earlier age.

Hormonal Change

Hormonal changes during teenage or pregnancy can cause skin sagging as the body undergoes several developments. Skin changes during hormonal fluctuations can lead to sagging in various areas, such as the underarms, stomach, and chin.

Weight Loss/gain

Exercise can help shape the body but may lead to the formation of sagging skin. There are several body parts that get shaped after gym but Some body parts, like underarms, chin, and buttocks, may not tone as effectively through exercise alone, and in some cases exercise can worsen the sagging problem, if you stop doing gym exercises. To treat skin sagging, appropriate treatment is required.


The chances of you experiencing skin sagging are high if your parents or someone on the parental side suffered from it. Inherited skin sagging may be more difficult to treat but can still be improved with appropriate treatments.

Treatments for Sagging Underarms

There are a number of nonsurgical treatments for sagging underarms that help the body regain its shape. Careful examination and consultation with a qualified dermatologist are required to provide the best treatment without causing any harm to the body as several sagging conditions require different treatments. Nonsurgical treatment for sagging underarms is considered one of the most complex procedures due to the intricacies of the skin. In the past, there weren’t many procedures, and skin-sagging treatments took a long time to show results.

Nowadays, it can be done in a matter of hours with the help of Lipolysis and Laser Liposuction treatment. Lipolysis allows the patient to get rid of sagging skin on almost all parts of the body including the underarms. It is a non-invasive technique that involves injecting a chemical serum into the subcutaneous fat. The serum used in lipolysis generally contains substances that help break down fat cells, such as phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate. The composition of the serum may vary.