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Scott Thomas and Botox Injects

You might not have heard about Scott Thomas, but he is a famous English TV reality show star. Scott Thomas is known for his role in famous TV reality shows, Love Island. Many TV reality show stars love cosmetic surgery procedures. But Scott Thomas is one of those who has taken relatively new Botox treatment. He recently took Botox injections in his armpit.

But why on earth one takes a Botox injection in his armpit? Good question! That’s what we are going to discuss now. He took this treatment to cure a serious condition. Scott Thomas was a victim of hyperhidrosis condition in which a person sweats more than normal. It happens due to because the sweaty glands produce too much sweat.

Botox treatment prevents hyperhidrosis, which causes sufferers to sweat way too much.


Lads you may laugh but if you wanna wear a naughty baby blue shirt or a spicy pink number on a night out without looking like you’ve had shaggy wet dog in a head lock then give them a shout.

Scott Thomas posted on Instagram.

Is Scott Thomas Satisfied with the Results?

As per Scott Thomas, the treatment solved his problem and he no longer sweat too much. He is happy with the results of the treatment. Just like Botox injection for hyperhidrosis, there are plenty of more cosmetic treatments that aim at solving serious skin and body problem faced by us. If you are a victim of a similar skin or body condition, you should visit our doctor.

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