Many people around us love tattoos and get one drawn on their bodies. One of the promising features of a tattoo is its permanence. Once drawn by a professional, the tattoo always stays on the skin. Tattoos are drawn by many people these days. It is not possible to remove a tattoo, no matter how deep it is drawn into the skin.

In this post, we are going to discuss the story of a tattoo of famous wrestler and movie star. Guess who is he? The tattoo of the famous WWE wrestler Dwayne Johnson, best known for his WWE name “The Rock”, was very famous among his fans until he got it removed due to some reason. The question is what happened and why he got it removed via laser tattoo removal? He seriously serves as in inspiration for people wishing to undergo laser tattoo removal in Dubai.


Story of The Rock Tattoo

In a 2012 interview with a TV channel, The Rock was used to tell that his tattoo tells to story of his life. The tattoo represented his roots, struggle, and success as a wrestler and movie star. The story of his tattoo is very elaborate. His tattoo represents all the things that are important to him. These things include important matter that he is passionate about and that touch his life.

He and the tattoo artists planned it for hours. In total, it took 60 hours of work or three sessions of 20 hours each to draw that huge tattoo. What made him remove this very famous tattoo? To cut the story short, he did this the tattoo was very big covering a major portion of the body and that is harmful.


Removing a Permanent Tattoo

The laser tattoo removal Dubai treatment is probably the only effective and safe non-invasive tattoo removal procedure. The cost of tattoo removal is not high and there are no side effects too. The treatment is painless and the patient needs no rest after the treatment. Like all other laser treatments, it is also a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that delivers no harm to the skin. There are minor side effects that include redness, burn, etc.

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