Labiaplasty is a procedure to correct the looks of their Labia. In normal cases, the Labia have folded around its area and don’t swell and no pain is caused by a change in the appearance of the folds of labia. In some cases, however, the Labia sometimes cause great discomfort and pain; in such scenarios the Labiaplasty procedure becomes necessary.


Labiaplasty is relatively new and has undergone several advancements. The procedure now is 100% safe and returns the required shape to the patient but it is highly recommended to consult the qualified physician before treatment as there might be other causes for the pain and swelling in the labia region.


There are several reasons to undergo the Labiaplasty procedure; some of the recorded patients do it for health reasons whereas some undergo the treatment to boost their sex life whereas others do it for cosmetic purposes. The treatment is supposed to cure the deformities and tighten the vagina. The reasons to undergo the Labiaplasty are as

  • Tighten the vagina
  • Cure the deformities of the vaginal region
  • Healthy labia folds
  • To boost sex life
  • Cosmetic purposes
  • To cure the camel toe


The recommended Labiaplasty procedure is done by the following method

  • The qualified general physician is consulted and after examination, the procedure is recommended
  • Local anesthetics are applied to numb out the pain during the procedure
  • Vaginal lips are shortened and reshaped to return the natural look
  • The laser gun is used to neutralize the infected cells and are removed from the body
  • Bed rest is required after treatment
  • Post-procedural care is advised to avoid long term side effects.

Procedural care

Right after the treatment, you will be required to stay on bed for some hours; most of the patients are allowed to go home right after the treatment but it is advised to have bed rest for over thirty-six hours. The procedural care advised by the general physician includes the following

  • Itching and swelling might be felt for 36 hours and if it exceeds the limit, consult the doctor immediately.
  • Avoid blood thickening medicines
  • Avoid use of alcohol and drugs
  • Avoid intercourse for several days


Labiaplasty is considered as important treatment nowadays and improves the sex life and appearance but it is always advised by the qualified General Physician as undergoing the treatment without any serious grounds can cause several side effects. The after procedural care is advised after the treatment as there are several side effects that can be felt after the treatment. the sitting and use of bathroom become a problem and pain, itching and swelling is felt for the first two weeks and is at its hardest in the first 36 hours right after the treatment.