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Laser Hair Removal Dubai

إزالة الشعر بالليزر

Laser Hair Removal Hair looks fantastic when they are present on the scalp. Unwanted hairs at different body parts add an untidy appearance to one’s personality. Men and women both don’t want to look like wooly mammoths. Gone are the days when people had to rely merely on Wax or shaving. Laser Hair Removal in Dubai and across the globe has now dominated the traditional methods. Laser innovations in the recent years have had an amazing impact on the skin care industry. Laser it once and stay hairless for at least a decade.

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

Anybody who wants to get rid of unwanted hair anywhere on the body can benefit from laser hair removal in Dubai. People with lighter skin shades with dark hair are perfect candidates for Laser Hair Removal Dubai. Some potential candidates include:

  • Women with thick, notable upper lips
  • Women with thick hair in chin area
  • Women who want to permanently get rid of hair on arms and legs
  • Men who wish to get rid of chest or back hair
  • Men and women seeking a permanent solution for pubic hair

What is the aim of procedure?

It’s simple! Laser hair removal in Dubai aims to:

  • Offer you a permanent relief from unwanted, unsightly looking hair anywhere on the body
  • Give you a silky, smooth, sexy skin free of nasty stubble
  • Address the problem of ingrown hair

Which techniques or equipment is used?

  • At Laser Skincare Clinic Dubai, we use Candela GentleMax Laser machine for Laser Hair Removal in Dubai.
  • There is a wide range of lasers and laser machines available for hair removal.
  • Every laser machine is different, and Candela GentleMax Laser is the best option thus far.
  • It is the same machine which is used for Skin Rejuvenation

How to Prepare for the Laser Hair Removal Dubai?

  • Limit your sun exposure during the last 3-4 weeks prior to your laser session.
  • Generously apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to treatment areas even if you stay indoors
  • Tanning is not allowed for a month before and after your laser hair removal session. Not even tanning lotions!
  • Stop waxing, tweezing and threading at least 4 weeks prior to laser treatment
  • Shave hair in the treatment area on the day before your appointment.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions when shaving hair
  • Do not apply any cosmetic, lotion or cream before coming for laser hair removal in Dubai.
  • Do not apply deodorant or antiperspirant

How is the Procedure Performed?

Laser Hair Removal in Dubai is a simple 3-step procedure:

  • Step 1: Treatment area is cleaned of germs using an alcohol swab and cooling gel is applied generously all over
  • Step 2: Using a handheld device, the doctor guides laser beams over the skin in pulses of less than a second. Since laser targets dark pigment in your skin, the melanin in the follicles absorbs energy from laser beams and heats up. This permanently disables hair follicles’ ability to grow new hair.
  • Step 3: Once the entire area has been targeted with laser shots, the cooling gel is wiped off using cotton swabs and some antibiotic ointment is applied to the treated areas. This completes your laser hair removal Dubai session. You can go back to work or home immediately afterward.

Post-op Care and the Recovery Time

Recovery from Laser Hair Removal in Dubai is quick and uneventful.

  • Laser Hair Removal Dubai does not require any recovery time and has virtually zero downtime.
  • You can immediately return to work and resume your routine activities.
  • Itching and redness in the treated areas are common after effects of laser.
  • Cold compresses and ice packs will help relieve any post-procedural discomfort.
  • Do not expose treated areas to sunlight for at least a month after every laser session.
  • You will be called for the next session after a gap of 4-6 weeks. Don’t miss even a single appointment.

Results and Benefits

The tremendous increase in demand for Laser Hair Removal in Dubai over the last decade speaks about it.

  • You will notice shedding two to three weeks after your initial laser hair removal Dubai treatment.
  • The shed follicles looks more like the blackheads, pushing their way out of the treated hair follicles
  • Results of laser hair removal Dubai can be seen after every single session.
  • You will notice a significant reduction in hair growth after every session.
  • The superb laser technology allows the doctor to target dark hair follicles underneath the skin, without damaging the epidermis or dermis.
  • Since laser hair removal in Dubai has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, you can trust its safety.
  • The swift pulses of laser beams allow the physician to do laser hair removal Dubai in no time. Areas of the face, such as the upper lips, chin area and sideburns are treated in a matter of minutes.

The Cost of Laser Hair Removal Dubai

Like other parts of the world, Cost of Laser Hair Removal in Dubai varies widely from person to person depending upon various factors. These include:

  • Size of the area to be treated
  • Color, texture and thickness of the hair
  • Number of sessions needed
  • Experience and reputation of your doctor
  • Geographic location of your provider

Additional Info

  • Is it painful? Individuals who have undergone this procedure found it to cause a sensation similar to having a mild rubber bad snap on the surface of the skin.
  • How many sessions? Generally, 6 to 8 treatments are enough to get smooth, hairless skin with Laser Hair Removal in Sharjah. But this may vary from person to person based on the number, color, and texture of hair.
  • Are there any side effects? Laser hair removal in Dubai is the safest and probably the least painful procedure. It does not have any potential side effects as long as you are following your doctor’s pre- and post-procedural instructions carefully.

Free Consultation

Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION If you are interested in getting Laser Hair Removal in Abu Dhabi, laser hair removal in Dubai or Sharjah, contact us now with full confidence. You can also sign up for a free online consultation with our experts by taking a moment to fill in the form given below. We also offer Acne and Acne Scars Treatment with lasers. If you are interested, contact Laser Skin Care Clinic.

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I want to take the opportunity to thank Laser Skin Care for helping me get rid of unwanted facial hair removal. I had excess facial hair, especially on chin area and temples. A friend of mine asked me to consult Dr. Olimpia Carmen, and it was really an amazing experience. Till now I have undergone 4 laser hair removal sessions and I’m extremely happy with the results.

Alina, Dubai

I am loving my silky smooth skin free of unwanted hair. I have had excess body hair since my teenage. Before coming to Laser Skin Care I used to shave my legs every week. But now after getting 6 laser sessions I have smooth, hairless skin. Thank you Olimpia, Thank you Laser Skin Care.

Denisha, Uae

I no longer have unwanted, embarrassing hairs on my body nor do I suffer from skin irritation caused by ingrown hair, courtesy Laser Hair Removal. I used countless natural remedies and clinical treatments to get rid of them but they just made the hair coarser and thicker. But now I have fuzz-free skin, and that has only taken 7 months. Thank you laser skin care.

Karmel, Al Ain

Laser Hair Removal is a procedure that uses high intensity laser beams to burn the hair follicles. Lasers are being used for hair removal since late 90s. A specially trained laser expert or dermatologist aims laser beams at the targeted areas, where they penetrate into the inner layers of skin and get absorbed by the hair follicles. The hair follicles absorb the energy transferred by the laser beams and heat up to an extent where their ability to grow again is permanently disabled.
Both men and women seeking permanent hair reduction can benefit from lasers. An ideal candidate for the procedure is one with darker, coarse hair on light skin. However, the latest laser systems can help treat all skin types and even blond hair. Nevertheless, grey hair still remain out of the range of laser hair removal.
Laser hair removal can be used for eliminating hair from any part of the body from head to two. Women mostly seek lasers for removing hair from face, arms, legs, abdomen, underarms and bikini area. Men on the other hand mostly get hair removed from chest, back and neck area. However, there are men and women who get their full body treated with lasers.
Laser hair removal is not a single-session procedure. Multiple sessions are always required to get maximum results. Since hairs grow in cycles, only those which are in active growth phase get targeted by the lasers while those in dormant phase are not affected by the laser beams, no matter what speed or intensity you use. Generally 6 to 8 sessions of laser hair removal, each 8 to 12 weeks apart, are enough to get desired outcome, but this may vary from person to person depending on the thickness and color of the hair being treated. Dark and thick hair need less number of treatments as compared to fine, light colored hair.
There is no fixed cost for laser hair removal. The cost of treatment significantly varies from person to person and from one practitioner to the other. Furthermore, the size of area that needs to be treated also plays a vital role in determining your procedure cost. Geographic location of your provider also affects the cost of treatment. Dermatologists in developed countries will obviously charge you more than those in developing countries like Dubai.
When performed by an experienced dermatologist or board-certified laser expert, laser hair removal is a very safe and effective procedure. However, getting the procedure from an inexperienced nurse practitioner using a cheap laser system could lead to numerous temporary as well as permanent side effects. Temporary side effects include slight swelling, bruising or burning of the treatment areas, while permanent side effects include hyper- or hypo-pigmentation at the treated areas.

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