Long Pulsed Nd: YAG Laser Hair Removal

What is Nd: YAG laser?

Nd:Yag stands for neodymium-dopped yttrium aluminim. It is one of the latest laser technologies to treat skin and eye disorders. The technology uses a wavelength of high-energy waves to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin without damaging the surface of the skin. This makes various laser and skin care procedures effective and safe.

Nd YAG is used in the market with different commercial names; some of these names are:

  • Cutera Nd: YAG laser -used for comfortable hair removal for all skin types
  • Revlite Q switched -used for various treatments such as pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • Fotona -used for various aesthetic treatments, including hair removal from various body parts.

What are the specifications of Nd: YAG Laser?

Nd: Yag is an ideal laser hair removal machine due to its specifications. The laser is famous for performing a wide range of aesthetic skincare procedures. Generally, the laser processes the ability to target large spots through longer laser pulse durations, allowing the aestheticians to perform various procedures using the same machine.

Some of the notable specs of nd: Yag laser are:

  • 6 – 20 mm spot size
  • 15 – 50 ms pulse duration.
  • It is a non-ablative laser that will not break the skin tissues.
  • The output power of the machine is 1064 nm.
  • The laser has an indigenous cooling system.

What are the benefits of Nd: YAG laser?

The machine offers various benefits in the aesthetics domain. Some of the benefits offered by the machine are:

  • Nd: Yag is famous for improving your skin tone.
  • The wrinkles and facial lines can be reduced through the machine.
  • It can treat skin pigmentation, age spots, and sun damage.
  • It can help tighten loose skin.
  • In Nd: Yag laser treatment, the social downtime is zero, and it offers very mild pain during the treatment.
  • The laser uses wavelength to target skin pigments, and the skin is safe from any sort of damage.

What treatments can be performed with Nd: Yag laser?

Nd Yag laser can be used to perform the following procedures

Vascular lesionsSpider veins, birthmarks, veins on the face, and vascular tumors can be treated.
Pigmented lesions – Brown age spots, hyperpigmentation of the eye, and Freckles can be treated.
Laser Hair Removal – Unwanted body hair from Underarms, Legs, Face, Bikini area, shoulders, and back can be removed.
Tattoo removal – Black, grey, and blue tattoos can be removed.
Onychomycosis – Nail disorders can be treated through Nd: Yag.

How does Nd: Yag works for laser hair removal?

Nd: Yag laser targets the roots of hairs also called hair follicles. The laser has deep penetration, which allows the practitioner to target the hair follicles without damaging the top layer of skin and the surrounding areas.

The procedure of hair removal through Nd: YAG is safe, and it can be used to target various areas of the human body.

The laser can be used for hair removal from the following skin types:

  • Asian Skin
  • Black Skin
  • Mediterrane Skin
  • Latin Skin
  • Olive Skin

The hair on your body grows in cycles, so you would need 4 -6 sessions for the complete removal of body hair.

How Nd: Yag works for dark Skin

The wavelengths identify how far a laser can penetrate into the skin.

The average depth of a hair follicle is around 4 mm, and the laser has the ability to penetrate 4-5 mm into the skin.
The problem with laser hair removal for dark skin is that lasers usually can not differentiate between the skin pigment and hair follicles thus, they target and damage the skin pigment.

Since Nd: Yag offers a higher wavelength, its laser goes deep into the skin and targets the blood supply to the hair follicles. This eliminates the chances of damaging the skin pigment, and the procedure is performed safely.

Are there any side effects of Nd: YAG hair removal?

The advancement of technology has made it possible to perform procedures without significant side effects. The side effects of Nd: Yag laser are minimal, and they may include:

  • You experience mild pain during the treatment, which can be reduced with cooling or anesthesia.
  • Irritation and redness on your skin. This may last for a few days.
  • Bacterial infections.
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Blistering.

Is a patch test important before a laser hair removal procedure?

During a patch test, a laser will be used to perform the procedure on a small area of your skin. The patch test is important for the following reasons:

  • It determines the type of laser to be used for the treatment of your skin.
  • This test is conducted before the treatment to assess your skin type. Every individual has different skin types, and they need specialized laser settings to perform the procedures safely.
  • A patch test will determine the appropriate wavelengths and laser energy for your skin.
  • The test is sort of a sample, a laser beam will be directed towards your skin to show you what the procedure’s results look like and how you will feel during the procedure.
  • Patch test also helps you identify if there are any side effects of the procedure on your skin.


What kind of laser is Yag?

Yag emits infrared light to penetrate into the skin for various cosmetic procedures. It performs laser hair removal, tattoo removal, and pigment lesions. The laser has higher wavelengths, and it can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

Is Nd: Yag Laser painful?

It depends on individual experience. Most people who have had cosmetic procedures through Nd: Yag laser reported that it isn’t painful. While others report mild pain during the procedure. The mild pain can be reduced through cooling and anesthesia.

How long does it take to recover from the Yag laser?

You may resume your routine activities right after the procedure through the Yag laser. In some cases, redness or irritation may occur, which will be gone in a few days.