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Having good and healthy hair is a blessing. But, sometimes some conditions can lead to considerable hair loss in both men and women. This can have a major impact on your personality.

Hair loss is a common problem and results from hormonal changes, family history, smoking, stress, or a bad diet. Hair loss affects men and women at all stages of their life. Generally, it happens among men. It has been reported that 50% of men lose their hair and become bald by age 50. But, nowadays due to certain factors hair thinning and bald spots have been reported among women too.

PEP factor is one of the recently introduced techniques that give desirable results for hair restoration and regeneration in a short time.

Aging skin can cause wrinkles, a rough appearance, and poor wound healing. Additionally, skin is damaged by injuries or surgeries. Normally this is not a big problem but can be annoying for some people who are conscious of their beauty. Therefore PEP factor for skin offers them an easy and long-lasting natural solution to enhancing their beauty.

What is PEPfactor?

PEP factor is an artificial protein that rejuvenates the skin and scalp by stimulating the production of fibroblast cells(involved in tissue production in the skin).

It is a blend of

  • Fibroblast growth factor(bFGF): a cell signaling protein that contributes to the treatment of hair loss by inducing the anagen phase in them.
  • Copper peptide: increases hair growth by blocking the action of a hormone (dihydrotestosterone). This hormone shrinks and weakens the hair also making it hard for that hair to regrow.

Both of these compounds have been proven to increase hair growth and also rejuvenate the skin. Copper peptides have to been known to induce collagen growth in your skin making it more smooth. Therefore, these compounds when combined will give very good results for hair growth and skin rejuvenation. Also, the hair-restoring properties of the PEP factor make it very good for treating hair loss at several stages even at stage 5 of hair loss (the hairline recedes too much that it connects to the bald spot on your head).

PEP factor For Skin Rejuvenation

Smoother and tighter skin can also be achieved by treating it with a PEP factor. The constituents of the PEP factor together induce cell division and collagen production in the skin. Therefore, the skin becomes smoother and wrinkle-free without going through any surgical operation or laser treatments. The side effects are only slight reddening of the skin which only lasts 1 to days after the topical application.

Who is the ideal candidate?

The following factors make you a suitable candidate for getting a PEP factor treatment

  • You have no underlying skin diseases.
  • You are not pregnant. Pregnant women have been observed to develop side effects.
  • Your hair is thinning or falling considerably.
  • Looking for quick and non-invasive treatment.
  • Have wrinkles or lines on your skin.


The procedure for both skin and hair treatments is the same and divided into four-step given below

  • The area is thoroughly cleansed to avoid chemical infections from the makeup or lotions.
  • A micro-needling is then performed to create pores for the PEP factor to be absorbed into the skin.
  • The topical solution is applied directly on the affected area and the area is kept under an LED to induce its effects.
  • The whole procedure should be carried out under an expert’s supervision. 6-8 applications are required and the results can be observed in 2-4 weeks.

It is important to diagnose the cause of your hair loss before getting the treatment, also, the doctor should inform the patient about the possible results. So they don’t expect any miracle after treatment.

Before and After PEPfactor

PEPfactor Before and AfterPEPfactor Before and After

PEPfactor vs PRP

  • PEP treatment uses a topical solution while Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment uses injections to insert platelet-rich plasma into your skin.
  • In PEP treatment fibroblast growth factor mixed with copper peptide is absorbed in the skin. On the other hand, in PRP blood is taken from another part of your body and centrifuged to extract the platelets from it. Then the platelet-rich plasma is injected into the target skin to rejuvenize it.
  • Results can be seen within 4 weeks in PRP treatment while in PRP treatment it takes 6 months to show results.
  • PEP treatment is not painful while PRP can be painful since it’s done through injections.
  • PRP has been shown to give better results.
  • PEP treatment is non-invasive while PRP penetrates your skin.

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